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Operating hours: Open daily, 10am to 8pm
Location: 34 soi jarernjai, sukhumvit road, klongtan nua, wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110. Google map.
Tackleberry have chosen a somewhat strange location for their pilot store in Bangkok, with the store being located on Ekkamai 12. The best way to get to Tackleberry Ekkama is to simply take a BTS sky train to Ekkamai station and to head to the corner of Sukhumvit 63. Once there, jump on a motorbike taxi and you will be there in 5 to 10 minutes. Walking there could take some time as it is quite a distance and Ekkamai 12. It’s not entirely unwalkable but is not the best suited road for walking upon with no pedestrian pavement. The store is situated on the right hand side of Ekkamai 12 , about half way into the soi.  It is situated beside a number of Japanese eating establishments.
Contact: +662-381-8734
Credit cards: accepts all major cards.

Description: Tackleberry , the renowned Japanese fishing equipment store has touched down in Thailand and formed Tackleberry Thailand. Tackleberry is known as the fore runner in used fishing equipment sales in it home country of Japan and is now eyeing up the local Thai fishing market. But why would they? What makes Thailand the ideal place for Tackleberry to continue in its global expansion? Well, one does not have to look too hard to figure this out. Fishing is prevalent in Thai life and with a business model which revolves around the sale of second hand fishing equipment, there is an obvious market to be entertained for the company. One must also look toward the socio economic outlay of the fishing communities which are involved and how they fish in Thailand, after all the average angler in Thailand is actually fishing for a meal and does not see fishing as a leisurely past time but more so as necessary chore to provide sustenance for the family. This gives Tackleberry Thailand a rather unique access point for the market as reconditioned equipment is cheaper than brand new equipment.
The store is situated about half way up Ekkamia 12, it stands out on the street as it is quite brightly decorated which is at odd with traditional Thai shop fronts.  You could actually say it looks professional. We were greeted at the door by a member of the staff who was very pleasant but could not speak English. I was struck by the neatness of the store, I have been in many fishing shops across the globe and this had to be the neatest shop I have ever stepped into. A lot of the reels are placed in glass display cases like one would find in a jewelers store Once I had indicated that I can only speak English, the assistant manager of the store was called and I was able to have a couple of questions I had answered. The store is has only been open a couple of months and the assistant manager, Mr.  Tanakon Payungrat   commented that business has been initially good but as with any business, it could always be better.  Takleberry Thailand sells a full range of second hand and new fishing equipment for fresh water and sea fishing with a very nice range of multiplier reels which were on display while we visited. They deem their store to be on the cheap side when it comes to costs. They also arrange for fishing tours for visitors to the kingdom with their obvious target groups being Japanese tourists who wish to try out Bangkok’s extensive stocked ponds.  Unfortunately, due to the large amount of business which had been done since the shop had opened, they were rather low on stock and so I did not get the chance to give a full review of the stock which they have to offer, but what was on show was very impressive indeed.  So if you are in the area and are looking to do get some fishing equipment, I am sure the staff at Tackleberry Thailand will be happy to entertain you.


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  1. allan.burgess says:

    need lures

  2. sengsackda says:

    I would like to order equipment box, Hooks and ……………………

  3. Leonard says:

    Hi, my name is leonard from indonesia, i am planning to go fishing for mekong carfish, but in indonesia there is no store that sell coil feeder, it is sold in fishing stores in bangkok?

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