Nut Manslim lures are the perfect choice for giant snakehead purists. Unlike the other Thai buzzbaits and spinnerbaits on the market, the Nut Manslim lures come straight out of the packaging workable and doesn’t need to be reshaped in order to swim straight.

Pictures of the lure’s successes from people who have bought this lure


Different blades for different purposes

The buzzbaits come in four different designs to accomodate for all water conditions. The plastic cut-blade and its subtle bubbles are perfect for quiet canals with snakeheads that are easily spooked. The metal cut-blade creates less subtle bubbles calling for more attention on slightly windy days. The clacker blade creates the perfect noise disturbance for the giant snakeheads waiting to ambush from thick vegetation. The X-blade is the combination of two large blades that smash against one another to create  the kind of noise and huge splashes that drives giant snakeheads crazy and they work well even in windy conditions.


Spinnerbait blade choice

The Nut Manslim Spinnerbaits come with two types of blades: the highly reflective brass blades for murkier water conditions and the silver blade for clearer waters. The brass blades and their high reflection allows for better lure visibility while the silver blades allow for a subtler presentation.


Skirt colours

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Nut Manslim Plastic Cut-Blade

Nut Manslim Plastic Plastic Cut-Blade B200

Only one left at the moment, the one pictured is the Black/Orange skirt.





Nut Manslim Metal Cut-Blade

Nut Manslim Metal Cut-Blade B200

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Nut Manslim Clacker Blade

Nut Manslim Clacker Blade

Nut Manslim Clacker Blade B200

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Nut Manslim X Blade

X Blade front view

Nut Manslim X Blade B200

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Nut Manslim Silver Spinnerbait

Nut Manslim Silver Spinnerbait B200

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Nut Manslim Gold Spinnerbait

Nut Manslim Gold Spinnerbait B200

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