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The 5.5cm (above) and the 4.5cm (below) Lucky Frogs.

Lucky Frog 4.5CM
Price: B380 B300

Lucky Frog 5.5CM
Price: B420 B380



One of the earlier colour designs of the Lucky Frogs, the Tiger series has the kind of fierce tiger stripes that aggravate just about any hungry snakehead!

Lucky Frog 5.5cm side view


Lucky Frog Tiger Series available in both 4.5cm (Code: Ts) and 5.5cm (Code Tb). Email to order or check on availability.

Tiger Series Availability

4.5cm size is available in: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 and T7 colours.

5.5cm size is available in: T1, T3, T6, T7 and T8 colours.



The Avatar Series was introduced in mid 2012 and has a colour theme that is inspired by the Navi of the Avatar movie. Same great action of the Lucky Frog with a new hip colour theme that will entice the snakeheads from the wild!


Avatar Frog’s attention to detail will capture the looks of snakeheads and fishermen alike!




Avatar Series availability

4.5cm size is available in: A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.

5.5cm size is available in: A1, A3, A4 and A5.

Made by hand

Made from the sacred wood of  the mai-mohk tree (the wrightia religiosa), each Lucky Frog is individually hand-carved and hand-painted before each being tested for their action so that not a single bad frog is allowed to leave the shop.


An action to tantalize the snakeheads

Each of these wooden frogs are weighted for further casting distance and a more aggressive chopping motion when retrieved slowly. A longer cast allows for the frogs to enter more strike zones without human interference. The slower aggressive chopping motion creates a subtle splash that drive snakeheads wild while staying longer in the strike zone.


Hard hooks for a hard mouth

Fish in the snakehead family are known for their boney mouths and sharp teeth. A strong extremely hook with a piercing sharp point is a must when dealing with these chompers and that is why the Lucky Frogs are armed with super strong double hooks from Owner. The 4.5cm size frogs are armed with a 2/0 size hook for perfect hooksets. The 5.5cm size is coming soon…


A delicate weed guard for easier hooksets

Reel the frog in gently over weeds and vegetation and you will rarely, if ever, have a hang up. Gently crawl the Lucky Frog out of the vegetation to trigger strikes from ambushing snakeheads.


How to fish the Lucky Frog

For best results, cast the Lucky Frog lure onto land and slowly retrieve it onto the water. If you are fishing from land then cast along the banks. Retrieve it as such a speed that it will barely do a chopping motion that will splash the water forward, then wait for that snakehead to chomp down on that lure. Lower the rod to allow for the snakehead to dive down with the lure. Wait two seconds and set that hook hard.

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