To submit a fishing park into the Bangkokhooker Fishing directory simple follow send the following to


  1. Fishing park name
  2. Fish species (what it features)
  3. Fishing type (bait or lure?)
  4. Location, directions on how to get there.
  5. GPS Coordinates (google maps too if avaiable)
  6. Operating hours
  7. Contact information
  8. Prices (fishing ticket, bait, gear rental, etc).
  9. Description of the fishing park (size, how many fishing ponds, food, toilet, etc).
  10. Tackle information (should a guest come with his own gear, what should he/she bring?)
  11. PICTURES (of the fish and the location and maybe even the toilet and food)

Thank you for your time. Any information submitted will be credited and if any information seemsĀ biased, feel free to email them to or write in the comments section.



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