Fish species: giant snakehead, barramundi, pacu, tilapia, Asian redtail catfish, striped snakehead and spotted featherback.

Fishing type: Lure and fly fishing for all species and bait fishing for tilapia.

Location: The pond is located just off the Bangna-Trad highway at kilometre 39.5. If you are driving from Bangkok take the Bangna-Trad elevated highway and get off at Bang Wua (บางวัว), make a U-turn then immediately go into the left lane. The road will then bend a little to the left. Right after the bend you will see the sign for Pilot 111 on the left. Travel along the small road and you will find the pond on your left.

Directions in Thai/ทางไปบ่อตกปลา:

ทางไปบ่อตกปลา ไพลอท 111

  1. ขับรถบนเส้น บางนา-ตราด จนถึง กม. 38
  2. ชิดขงาเข้าทางหลักแล้วหาจุดกลับรถ
  3. พอกลับรถแล้วชิดขวาออกทางคู่ขนาน
  4. พอเข้าทางคู่ขนานชิดซ้าย
  5. พอขับเลยสะพาน แล้ว เลี้ยวซ้ายไปทาง อบต. บางสมัคร
  6. ขับรถไปอีกประมาณสองกิโลแล้วบ่อจะอยู่ทางซ้ายมือ

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Sadly this sign is gone.

Operating hours: Open Sat-Thur 9am-6pm. Closed Fridays.

Contact information: 086-316-8773.

Price: B500 per rod.

Description: Considering that lure fishing ponds charge only about B100-200 baht the B500 rod cover would be very steep for most people and rightly so. But, for the B500 you are getting every little bang for your satang (Thai pennies) for three very good reasons. Firstly, this fishing location which used to have just five ponds now has a total of eight ponds stocking the various species listed above.

The premises are also very beautifully kept. Manicured lawns, shady small bamboo huts, very nice toilets and a decent restaurant that can cook your fish for you, Pilot 111 has a lot to offer even for non-anglers. Usually families would come for an early dinner to watch the rain of sardines and the monstrous barramundi that get pulled up.

UPDATE – As of August 2011, Pilot 111 now has very nice air-conditioned rooms to stay in.

here are their rates:

1. Day-stay (6am-6pm), no sleep over – B1500 per room. One room accommodates 4 guests.

2 Night-stay, check in noon and check out noon the next days – B2000 per room. Room accommodates 4 guests and there will be complimentary breakfast for 2.

3. Private Friday, usually Pilot 111 is closed on Fridays but guests who stay over night on Thursday can fish privately on Friday. – The rate is B5000 and it includes the room for 4 and free fishing for 2.

* However, though it says that one room accommodates 4 guests, in reality there is only enough beds for 2 guests. Some of the rooms come with 2 single beds and some with one double bed. They may have more bedding options if you call in advance.


Tackle information: the most essential piece of tackle you will need here is either a shock leader or a wire leader. Barramundi can be bait-robbing assholes thanks to the sharp cutters on their cheeks so a high abrasion leader-line is a must.

Lure and fly fishing are the methods to be used here. What works here changes according to what the fish are feeling. Shallow jerk-baits, rubber shad, surface poppers and flies work well here. Since there are so many ponds the strategy almost always varies from pond to pond. For example, the snakeheads either like big shallow plugs or small shiny spinnerbaits. Pond number 2 likes medium sized jerk baits and big poppers. But this can be different on any given day. Personally I’ve found some serious success on a particular trip after attaching a fly to the end of a large popper.

However, what works changes all the time so best to bring a large selection of lures or flies.

Fish here are usually around 1-3kg but some people have landed 10kg monster barramundi before but that’s uber rare.

Pond difficulty: Stupidly easy to medium. With the right set up, anyone can land a barramundi here during feeding time. The snakeheads don’t bite as often can get really aggressive at random times of the day. All the ponds vary in difficulty and their difficulty changes over time.

Posts abouts this pond:

Pictures of the pond:

Pond number 3

Caught on a 5cm surface popper.

Rooms at Pilot


Very comfy beds



The complimentary barramundi steamed in lime, chilli and garlic.

62 Responses to Pilot 111 – Barramundi galore AND MORE

  1. johntom says:

    Thanks for sharing,

    Red tails, Harry Palmers and Mekongs, I can’t wait – any idea when?

  2. I’ll be super free during July, that’s when 🙂

  3. Robert Wong says:

    Sounds like great fishing. Can’t wait to try it the next time I’m in BKK.

  4. Jeremy Poh says:

    This place looks really good…
    will be going for a try when my wife goes back to BKK to visit…

  5. Terence koh says:

    Great looking pond! I am still wondering where it is. I will be staying a fren’s house at pathum Thani, how far from there? Do you have a map on how to get there? Thanks.

    • It’s about 40 minutes to an hour from Pathum Thani via the highway. I don’t have a map but the directions are quite simple. Just show them to your driver or friend and the rest should be easy. Thai people don’t use maps, instead they are more about noticeable landmarks like 7-Eleven and petrol stations hahaha.


  6. Alex West says:

    There is a cheat-code to this pond…

    When they see that a bunch of people keep luring in empty…they will infuse the fish (Barras) into a feeding frenzy by throwing in chum (looks like Mackerel meat), and then the pond becomes alive!!! You can literally throw any lure at them, they will take it as if there was no tomorrow…

    Not very sportsmanship-like, but sometimes you just don’t f*ckin’ care! 😉

    • andy says:

      Now they seem to only throw live bait in to bring the fish to a feeding frenzy,
      Another thing you might want to watch out for is when they turn the water pump on as this makes them think its feeding time and they all go to that corner and has the same affect but only for about 10 minutes till they work out there is no food to be had,
      Also using the tip of your rod like an egg beater on the surface can sometimes do the same but on a smaller scale.

  7. Didier Montenot says:

    First of all thank you for your site.
    I will be travelling to bangkok in 2 weeks and I am crazy about fishing.
    Do I need to book a fishing guide or I can go on my own?
    How long from the this address Rajaprarop Road, Bangkok,10400?
    Where can I buy fishing equipment in Bangkok? and what king of lures should I use?

    • Hi Didier,
      thanks for coming to the website 🙂
      You should be able to go to the pond on your own no problem. From the Rajaprarop area it’s about 45 minutes to an hour by taxi. When you are at the pond they can also call a taxi for you so that it will be easy to return to town. As for lure fishing gear you can’t beat Bungsamran fishing pond as it is home to two amazing tackle shops: 7 Seas Pro Shop and the Kanom shop.

      As for lures the options are plentiful because there are many species of fish in the many ponds of Pilot 111. The one universal lure that works for all the ponds are the Storm rubber shads. Buy plenty because the fish there quickly tear up all soft lures.

      When will you be going? I may also be there during the weekends.

      • Anonymous says:

        thanks a lot for the info. I will be in Bangkok for 24-Apr-2011 to 4-May-2011 and I am not sure yet on which date I will go there.
        Send me your phone number via email so that I can contact you when I arrive in Bangkok.
        Do they rent fishing equipment at pilot 111 and do you know the price?

  8. Axel says:


    looks like very attractive pond ! For sure I will come at the next opportunity (I am in Nakhon Phanom so not so near in fact). Is it possible to mix fly fishing for the bara and casting for the shado on the same day ?

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      sure you can! You can even mix and match. the Chado can go for the fly with the right technique and flies.

      • Axel says:

        Good new ! 1 more attractive point !!!

        For the giant snakehead on a fly rod, should be an unforgettable experience… but not sure that my #9 will have power enough !

  9. Tim Spooner says:

    Hi folks. I live in New Zealand (fishing paradise) and also at Bang Bo, which is only a few miles from this place and also Skunar pond. Just getting some gear together in NZ to take this week to BKK (5 rods and reel combos so far, covering a broad range of fishing types). Hoping to spend a few hours at several palaces this trip. I cannot see any way to start a new thread so maybe somebody can enlighten me on a few queries: 1. Any place that sells aluminium fishing boats ? 5m to 6m ,fisherman style? 2. Do you know of any charter operators from Pattaya/Chonburi or closer to BKK who offer fishing trips in such craft? (had a bad experience in a long-tail boat some years ago and not keen to repeat). Not interested in the cowboys in plastic boats operating from Pattaya.
    3 Does anybody do any long-line fishing (sea) ?or is it unknown in Thailand?
    Any info that you more wise locals have would be appreciated. Thanks

  10. Samuel Chieng says:

    Really interesting read, cos I’ve always wanted to go to Bangkok to try the fishing there. And I’ve finally managed to plan a getaway with the missus plus slotting in some fishing time as well. My initial aim was to visit Bungsamran for the Giant Mekongs, (and shop at 7seas) but reading about lure casting for barras and snakeheads gets me excited as well. Problem is, I only have a full day of fishing before the missus takes over for her me time. So, can u advise me, IF, I were to say visit Pilot 111 first in the morning to say mid afternoon, THEN head to Bungsamran and fish thru the evening, would that be advisable? Reason is, I don wan to get caught up with catching just one type of fish the whole as it might get a lil dull. So I do wan to cram in as much time for different fishing as i can. Also, is travelling around going to be a problem? Not sure of the distance between Bungsamran and Pilot 111, and am hoping catching a taxi is not gonna be a bitch. AND, do you know whats the rate for per rod at Pilot 111 for foreigners? If its too expensive then I guess I can forget P111 and try Bor Num instead? Your advice? Thanx bro.


    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hi Sam and thanks for reading.

      Rod fees at Pilot is the same for locals and foreignors (B500). As for distance between BSR and Pilot 111 I would say that it is roughly 50km. On average, a ride like that should take about under an hour but during rush hour you will have to plan for maybe an hour and a half.

      Your idea of doing Pilot 111 and BSR on the same day is very possible. I strongly advise that you get a local taxi service number as the big taxi companies are fairest in their pricing. Those guys waiting outside hotels are there to rip you off! So get a taxi company’s number and call them about 20-40 minutes before your departure and you will get a pretty decent price. A taxi ride from downtown BKK to Pilot would cost around B250-300 plus highway fee. The ride from Pilot to BSR would be roughly the same.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • Samuel Chieng says:


        Big help. Thanx for the info. Just a few more questions.
        You mentioned that P111 now stocked their ponds with Giant Mekongs as well. Will it be worth it to just fish the Mekongs here, instead of having to go all the way to Bungsamran to pay for a pricier fishing experience? Kinda makes more sense as I can cover both fishing styles in such a short time.


        • Bangkokhooker says:

          Hey Sam,
          Oh dear, I forgot to update the info on Pilot 111! Okay, I’ve updated it now. They’ve had just taken the Mekongs out. No one was fishing for them because the pond wasn’t supplying the Mekong bait and the only people who visit the pond were more interested in lure and fly fishing, not bait fishing. Now the Mekong pond has become another giant snakehead pond.

          • Samuel Chieng says:

            No worries bro. Guess its back to the initial plan. Anyway will be there on the 6th of August. Hopefully will catch you there to share some fishing stories. I’m from Borneo by the way.

          • Samuel Chieng says:

            By the way, how do I tell the taxi driver the way there? Is there like an address, or some landmark like you mentioned? Basically how do I give directions to the guy?

  11. Tim Spooner says:

    Best taxi in Thailand is Mr PRADIT 084 2084093. Been using him for 5 years, new very clean car, perfect English, he knows everywhere and is good company. He also drives slowly for safety. He uses meter or will give quote. Never rips anybody off. We all need guys like Pradit so avoid being ripped off.

    • Samuel Chieng says:

      Thanx for the recommendation Tim. Will definitely look him up.


      • Tim Spooner says:

        Most taxi drivers do NOT speak English, about the same number who have not got a clue where any place is and who are not licenced taxi drivers and who are using a friend’s taxi to make some money……..that alone is best reason to use PRADIT. Print the directions from the top of this page and show him and he will have no problem finding anywhere u want to go. It is about 10 kms further on past my place so he will certainly know the way

  12. Michael says:

    I’m a frequent visitor at Pilot 111 and have been since they opened. Actually, I liked it better when it wasn’t so big and commercial. Growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast I’m still adjusting to these pay ponds but gotta fish somewhere. I’m looking for somewhere to fish for peacock bass. Got any recommendations other than Dream Lake in Chiang Mai or the Amazon in South America?

    • Samuel says:

      Hi Michael,

      Maybe I can help u out. Malaysia n Singapore now is sorta “infested” with peacock bass. And I stress dat lightly cos those amazonian fishes provides another fun fishing opportunity. U can fish it pretty much the same way u fish largemouth bass. Google Malaysian peacock bass and you’ll see dat areas around the state of Perak wud b mentioned around.


      • Michael says:

        Sam, thanx for you suggestions. I lived in Singapore during the 90’s and did some fishing in both Singapore and Malaysia, when I had time, including peacock bass fishing. Since I now live in Thailand I was hoping for a place a little closer to home. However, I may just plan a trip to Malaysia again in the near future.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      I understand Richard, I have an American who came from the Keys in Florida who had to adjust to stocked pond fishing as well but now he loves it. I find stocked pond fishing as something similar to going to a golf driving range: It is fun but it is only practice for the real thing.

      Good news: There have been reports about the peacock bass showing up in several bodies of water not too far from Bangkok. In fact there are some swimming freely in Klang in Rayong Province. I’ve never done it myself but I have seen some anglers post photos of the peacock bass caught there before. These photos were posted on However the locations of these places are usually not specified for some reason. If I could find out more I’ll let you know.

      But, while you wait, why not try go after some of the local predator species like the giant snakehead or the striped snakehead?

      • Michael says:


        I’ve seen the photos posted on Siam fishing but I thought those pics were from Dream Lake in Chiang Mai. If you here details of pb caught around Rayong Province please do let me know. I live in Sattahip which is an easy commute to Rayong province.

        I have done some snakehead fishing but not very successfully. When I fish at Pilot I have a difficult time leaving the Pla Kapong ponds. I fished the back Pla Shado pond a few times with minimal success, probably because my heart and mind were still focused on the Pla Kapong pond. Anyway, if I fish for snakehead I would rather fish the wild species.

  13. Venkat says:

    Dear fren..saw ur fantastic review and guiding points. I have been to pilot 111 once wen i was at bkk for a tour..was brought there by a guide. now going back bkk again for 2months,n im gonna stay at Silom. any idea on how to get there from silom? guess a taxi wud be a gd idea right,or any suggestions?

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hi there,
      well one number I call sometimes is 02-880-0888. It is a 24-hour taxi service company. Call them up beforehand, tell them where you are and they will come pick you up.

  14. Tim Spooner says:

    for taxi, see my comments about PRADIT. He can look after u very well.

  15. budi says:

    Hi, first thanks for the site that so well detailed. I’ll be in bkk and planning of going to pilot 111 between 5 to 8 march. Since I’m alone, if any 1 going there maybe we can join trip since it will be more fun with fellow angler.

  16. Delvin says:

    Hi OZ,

    I will be heading to BKK then Saraburi this coming 4th April to 9 April. I need a few pointers from you as i’m not a Thai.

    I interested to try my luck at Pilot 111 for Snakehead and the Barras. Just a few queries to get myself clear:

    1) do they provide rods and gears for rental? if no, what’s the min setup require to fish them? I’m into Lure fishing as i’m a total noob in Fly.

    2) any wild striped snakehead fishing available near Saraburi? i will be there for about 2 days coz my Gf is visiting her family.

    3) Any time duration limit for each rod? or can we fish till 9am till 6pm for the fee of 500baht?

    4) Is it advisable to stay overnight in Pilot 111? and what’s the total damage to be like (let’s say 1night plus 1 angler)?

    5) Any interested parties that wanna join in coz only me is into fishing!! 5555

    TQ so much

  17. Mike J Ward says:

    Good info, will give it a try next time I am in Bangkok.

  18. Antonello says:

    Hey BKK HOK!!!
    Compliments for the website , I must say you giving us great advise and tips, I will be coming to BKK on the 27th of July, but not carrying any fishing gear coz I am not coming from home(Italy), is there the option of rental equipment there at Pilot? And if you could send me ur mobile I could contact you once in BKK for more advise or a fishing team up.
    Thank you

  19. […] have got better, yes even better than it was.  They now offer accommodation (see Bangkok Hookers blog for more details) and the Giant Snakeheads are now at the 4.5 to 5kg mark – even 50 lb shock […]

  20. Mei says:

    We are keen to visit pilot 111. However will like to check whether the place is open on 30 dec, 31 dec, 1 Jan 2013 or 2 Jan 2013. Thanks!

  21. bobby says:

    Hi there, thanx for the cool site! Ill be in Bangkok from the 29th of december to the 4th of Jan. Im keen to go fish pilot 111 for a day. Im only fishing one day/venue is pilot a good choice? Can anyone recommend some flies that I must bring with? Or can I buy some flies there? How far is it from Siam. Thank you

  22. del says:

    hi, is the pond still open? i’m going to bkk on the 15th march 2013 and might want to visit this pond with my thai wife. do they provide tackles and lures?

  23. Alexis says:

    Hello everybody. I would love to visit this location during my staying in Bangkok (I’m here until September 2013).

    So if anyone of you guys want to make a trip to this place, you can write me a email :

    And starts to plan a 2 days fishing trip here !

    See ya

  24. Simon says:

    Is there an email contact to book the lodging at Pilot 111? I would also like to know if it is possible to hail a cab from the airport to Pilot?

  25. Willard Ling says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m a guy from Singapore.
    If you guys are to Fishing in Singapore, just go to the Lower pier reservoir or Seletar Reservoir, U can find snakehead and peacock bass there. Somehow its free to fishing there too… but only lure and fly fishing is allowed. The Ranger of the reservoir only allowed fishermen to fishing in the location that allow to fish. cheers

  26. Deric says:

    Can you please provide me gps location of pilot 111? Great thanks

  27. tommessino says:


    From 12.12.2014 – 12.01.2015 I stay in Bangkok…
    Anybody will going with me to the Fishing Ponds, because I think: More People = More Fun.
    I have Experience on Pilot 111, Wangchai Fishing and JJ Fishing.

  28. Markus says:

    Hello, iam stay there BKK from 29.11 until 5.12, anybody want to split a taxi? im a good fly fisher 🙂 one question, how expensive is a taxi service, from my hotel to airport and then take a taxi to pilot 111 and then after my fishing, ill will got back with taxi to airport and take again the train to my station, do the service call a taxi for me ?or must i organize that? if some thai wanna help me, i can help you to learn fly fishing, thx from munich

    • tommessino says:

      Hi Markus,

      für ein Taxi von der Innenstadt zum Pilot musste so ca. 700-1000 Bath rechnen (oneway). Such Dir aber am Abend vorher nen Taxifahrer, die sagen zwar alle erstmal ja aber finden das dann nicht, das nervt dann. Und die Wegbeschreibung hier in Thai ist auch nicht korrekt, damit kommste nicht an…
      Wenn Du dann nen Taxifahrer für hin gefunden hast, dann mach Dir keine Sorgen um zurück, der nervt dich zeitig genug mit der Bitte, ob er bis Abend auf dich warten darf, der haut sich dann dort in ne Hängematte und pennt. Kannst das Angebot annehmen, aber nur wenn er fürs Warten nix nimmt.
      Kannst ihn aber auch wieder wegschicken, weil die “Reception” vom Pilot besorgt Dir jederzeit mit 15 min Vorlauf ein Taxi… dazu musste nur ne Visitenkarte deines Hotels mitnehmen und ihr geben, die fährt dann mit ihrem Mopped zur Hauptstraße vor und kommt mit nem Taxi im Schlepptau zurück. Dieser Service kostet so ca. 30 Bath.
      Falls Du noch Fragen hast, auch zum Pond, trau Dich!

  29. makoto says:

    Hello. Here Can you lend a fishing rod?
    Also How much is?

  30. Tatsuya says:

    Good evening.Excuse me! How much do you charge for 1 days?

    To come back hotel.Will you get me a meter taxi?

  31. Michael Mak says:

    I would like to make a reservation for 3 days 2 night in September, please me an email so we can contact.

  32. Kenny says:


    We have 4 person would like to travelling to pilot 111 form 14-Jan-2016 until 17-Jan 2016, we had own lures tackle,
    we will stay 3 night so could you arrange the bedroom, whole day meal and any transportation for us?
    How much for 4 person included bedroom meal and transport?
    Do you support paypal If i confirm booking?

    Thank you

  33. Allan says:

    Hi target arrival date 7 Jan 2016 until 8 Jan 2016 morning, require room for a night for 2 pax, 2 way transport & meals. We have our own tackle, please adv. procedure for booking.


  34. André Ulvé says:

    Great fishing, but the staff is not friendly, and renting a rod expensive (400 baths). Better to come here with your own rods and lures. Toilets are clean, food is good (but expensive). January 2016.

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