Ngao nam

Our friend Seb and an average sized Mekong giant catfish

Fish Species: Mekong giant catfish, Saimese giant carp, rohu, Chinese bighead carp and striped catfish.

Fishing Type: Bait.

Location: The pond is located in between Putthamonton Sai 2 and Sai 3 in a little soi called soi Phasicharoen.

Directions in Thai/ทางไปบ่อตกปลา:

ทางไปบ่อตกปลา เงาน้ำ พุทธมณฑลสาย 2

  1. จากเส้นบรมฯ เลี้ยวซ้ายเข้า พุทธมณฑลสาย 2
  2. พอถึงสี่แยกทศกัณฑ์เลี้ยวซ้าย
  3. พอขับไปอีกซักนิดจะเห็นป้ายบ่อทางซ้ายมือ เลี้ยวเข้าไปแล้วจะถึงบ่อ


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GPS coordinates: 13.746055, 100.373454.

Operating hours: Open 24-hours a day everyday.

Contact information: 02-421-1434 and 02-444-3246.

Price: B150 per rod. Rod rental available at B300 per rod.

Description: For some reason the expat community called this fishing park, “Shadow Lake”. While the word “ngao” means “shadow” and “nam” means “water” or “body of water”, “ngao nam” doesn’t literally translate to “shadow water/lake”. “Ngao nam” as a word means “reflection” so if anything this fishing park should actually be called but was probably incorrectly given the name Shadow Lake through either bad translation or for marketing purposes via fishing guides.

This 21-rai (8.5 acres) fishing pond  is home to some seriously big Mekong giant catfish and Siamese carp. The fish here don’t bite as often as Bungsamran but when hooked you are pretty much guaranteed a monster. The setting and facilities here are quite basic but the surrounded lush greenery makes for some spectacular ambience although the mosquitoes in the area can be quite present so pack some mosquito repellent.

This pond is always open (save for the time when it was faced with the epic flood of 2011). It offers night fishing and is a great place to mingle with the local fishermen over some cold beers.

Tackle information: A stiff carp rod and a reel with plenty of line is what’s going to help you bring in the big ones here. A strong reel with 30lb test line or stronger is highly advisable. Unlike Bungsamran, the pond here does not have a central pier for the fish to swim into so that’s a bit of a relief in terms of fighting the fish.

Pond difficulty: The pond can be quite hard to newcomers as the fish here would take the bait mixed a certain way but with the help of the pond people  you should be able to have a decent set-up and a good time. Also, the fish are big and strong so make sure you stretch beforehand.


Shadow Lake giant carp

Siamese giant carp caught in the morning

27 Responses to Ngao Nam (AKA Shadow Lake)

  1. kenneth says:

    hallo there. how long from koh san road in taxi is this lake and is it a good lake?

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      It will take about 20-30 minutes by taxi from Khao San. If there is no traffic then about 15 minutes.

      It is good and friendly. The fishing is slow but the fish are big.

  2. kenneth says:

    ty very much for that fast answer, i will land in bkk on the 28/8. gonna go there for sure…

    again thanks…

  3. Mark says:

    Hey, do they have rental equipment at this venue? Thanks for the great site!

  4. Ivan says:

    I also wonder if there аre Rods and Tackle in the rental?
    What mosquito repellent do you recommend and where to buy them in Bangkok?

  5. Mark says:

    Thanks for the tip, went there a couple of weeks ago, caught a couple of 35kg++ catfish, great fun!

  6. Nomis says:

    Hi !

    Is it possible to rent rods ?
    They have a phone number ?
    I have ultralight rod, due to my backpack trip in Aisa …

    thanks for any replys !


  7. Jake says:

    I will be in bankok in a week. What fishing pond would you recommend ngao nam, sakuna or maybe another one and why? What conditions will I have the most luck with as I am from Canada I assume it’s a whole different game in thailand. I would be interested in bungsamran but not at there rates. Thanks for any advice.

  8. paul says:

    I’m cycling in beautiful Thailand with my girlfriend,I love fishing & I’m gonna try to find Shadow Lakes today. Does anybody have any tips on what bait to use? I read somewhere that it’s sometimes possible to buy a bucket of ground up fish bait,they make at the lake,for a very reasonable price. I understand different fish have have different likes,chub/cheese,worms,carp/boilies,pike/spinners etc.
    Just thought I’d try & get a few tips. Any info is much appreciated. Might see you there. What a dream to fish somewhere so beautiful.
    Paul & Elizabeth.

  9. paul says:

    Me again!
    There’s loads of lakes within quite a small area,Sakuna,Shadow,Pilot 111 & Bor Num are definitely on the to do list. This Bangkok Hookers site is brilliant, thankyou for all the information & pictures, not only informative but also a joy to read. If you see us, say hello. We’ll be the ones wrestling the mighty Mekong Catfish, while barbequeing Barramundi.
    Paul & Elizabeth

  10. Paul says:

    Fantastic! The fish,the staff,the food,the price,brilliant.
    I fished shadow lake for 2 days & 3 nights. I started using 12lb line,thinking I could play the fish & skilfully get them in,not a chance. Those catfish fight harder than Tyson in his hay day. Bought some 30lb line at the very reasonably priced on sight shop. Put my back into it & wrestled with Giant Mekong Catfish,tail like a tuna. My right bicep was burning after 45minutes with a 42lb Cat’.
    Any questions you have are eagerly answered by the really friendly & helpful staff. Bait can be bought on site,a massive bucket that’ll last you all day,for about 200,including additives. The showers aren’t the Hilton,but they’re clean & refreshing.
    The fishing is full on & you don’t sit around for long waiting for a bite,but it’s the friendliness of the staff & other fishermen,who helped me out,with tips,leader line & even offers of hooks, that make the place what it is.
    Paul & Elizabeth.

  11. Wenny says:

    Hi all, do u all go yourself by taxi from places like pratunam? Or do you all hire a tour group to bring you there to fish? Thanks and hope to get some replies real soon =D

  12. Habanero says:

    heya guys interested on this Fishing Park
    especally for fair price and i heard the fish fight “harder” than the some “touristy” fishing park 🙂

    me and group of friends plan to bangkok, will try to do some fishing 🙂 and the target in Mekong Giant CatFish.

    but since we dunno how to fishing in that lake, did the fishing park provide english speaking guide?
    so he can help where the spot, the bait, etc

    my friend just affraid we end up dont get a fish since we dunno the characteristic on that pond 😉

    @ Paul and Bangkokhooker, any word of wisdom from people been there always highly appreciated 🙂

  13. paul says:

    Don’t worry about not catching,worry if you’re strong enough! They do speak English a bit. You can hire rods,buy bait & tackle etc.& buy food.
    I highly recommend the place & will be there again,approximately 25 March to 30 March. I’ll be making my way there on my bicycle.
    Cheers. Paul.

  14. Tobias says:

    Hi guys, do they rent bungalows at or near the lake for an overnight stay? Thanks for your answers!

  15. alex says:

    Looking to come and fish.

    Do you rent tackle?
    Do you have showers as I will need to head to the the airport after fishing?


  16. Sam says:

    Hi, Im arriving in Bangkok tomorrow staying at the Chatrium Residence Sathon. Are you near to this?
    Whats the address of the lake? Best to get a taxi to you? How much will a day cost me to fish there? Or just an afternoon? i will need to hire everything as I won’t have any equipment.
    Look forward to hopefully have a day with you. is the price is 150 per rod and 300 rod hire?

  17. Imran says:

    how can i reach at shadow lake from ladkrabang , google map not showing shadow lake\

  18. Adri says:

    Really good place with friendly people. A lot of catfish between 15 and 30kg, don’t be afraid about catch a fish or not 😉

    But, unfortunetely, this fishing park close at the end of the month, I’ll try to know in which pond they go, I’ll post again if I got the information.

  19. Andrew Hastings says:

    At 20/7/17 it’s closed don’t know when or if it will reopen

  20. Nanhai Angler says:

    Sad, it is closed for good. I watched sale of fish to others. I took some photos of moving fish and dried lake.

  21. Adri says:

    All the fish are now in Longdon (not sure about the right name, but something like that :p) fishing park if I understand it well, right ? 🙂

  22. Phil says:

    Used to fish at Ngao Nam often and was surprised and saddened to see it being filled in last week.
    Had some great days and nights at the venue and some big fish.
    Does anyone have any more information regards where the fish where moved to?
    Couldn’t find any place called ‘Longdon’ when I did a search?

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