Siamese giant carp are quite easily caught at Jurassic Fishing Park

Siamese giant carp are quite easily caught at Jurassic Fishing Park

Fish species: Siamese carp, Indian carp (Catla catla), Amazon redtail catfish, arapaima, tambaqui, Chao Phraya


Fishing type: Bait fishing

Location: Moo Baan Koksetthi, Na Yang, Cha Am


Operating hours: 

Fishing 7 a.m until dusk or 6:30 p.m (whichever comes first)

Resort & Restaurant 7 a.m until 8 p.m (Bar open until 10 p.m)


Contact:,, tel. 0814470298 or 0894582612 



5,800 THB per person per day

Predator 1 Rod + Carp 1 Rod Package = 5800 THB PER PERSON

4-Star Accommodation from 1500 THB per night per room

GILLIE (Fishing Assistant) 600 THB per gille (1 x gillie can take care of 2-3 anglers)

*Only fishery tackle provided can be used and is included in the package along with 10kg of 25mm

halibut pellet for the carp fishing and 10kg of dead baits for the predator fishing.


Tackle information:

Tackle provided for carp fishing are custom built 10ft 2.75lb TC ‘Jurassic Carp’ rods, Shimano OC6000

baitrunner reels loaded with 50lb braid. The carp rig typically comprises of a 3oz semi-fixed lead with

rig tubing down to a braided hooklength and a size 12 Gamagatsu barbless hook with a hair.

Tackle provided for the predator fishing are custom 10ft 3.5lb TC rods, Shimano OC6000 baitrunner

reels loaded with 65lb braid. Our predator rig to avoid deep hooking arapaima comprises of a 4oz

semi-fixed lead and a short 10 inch 80lb mono hooklength to a Gamagatsu size 17 barbless hook.


Lake difficulty

Many would consider Jurassic Fishing Park easy for Siamese carp – averaging between 1-4 carp per

angler in a single day although with carp fishing comes uncertainty as occasionally they will refuse to

feed making it much more difficult. Amazonian redtail catfish fishing is rated at medium difficulty

and arapaima is medium to difficult. In summary Jurassic Fishing Park is a venue to look to catch a

few special fish over 2 -3 days as opposed to ‘bagging up’ which rarely happens.



Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park offers 4-star luxury accommodation, swimming pool,

restaurant of European & Thai cuisine, bar and lounge along with free Wi-Fi.


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