A view of the park from the clubhouse


Fish species: Barramundi, Chao Phraya catfish (aka dog-eating catfish), tilapia, striped-snakehead, Mekong giant catfish, alligator gar, tiger shovelnose catfish, Amazonian redtail and very rarely the elusive marble catfish.

Fishing type: Lure and bait fishing.

Location: Lat Kwang, Chachoengsao. The pond is approximately an hour’s drive from central Bangkok.

Directions (from central Bangkok):

  • Take Banga-Traat highway or the Bangkok-Chonburi motorway until you reach highway 314 (Bang Pakong-Chachoensao highway).
  • Go northbound (left) from the intersection of the 314 and the Bangkok-Chonburi motorway for a little over 5km.
  • On the left side you will see a school next to the opening of a soi. Turn in and drive another 250m (their stupid map says 2km, which is totally wrong) and you will reach the Lad Kwang Temple.
  • You will now be forced to turn left so do it.
  • Keep driving along this meandering road, don’t sway off onto other random small paths.
  • Along the way you will notice some blue signs directing you to the pond along the way.
  • Once you cross a concrete bridge you should immediately see a blue sign to turn right to the pond, so do that, follow the road a little bit more and you’re there.

Their slightly inaccurate map for how to get there (re: Directions)


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GPS Coordinates: 13.603612,101.009481

Operating hours: [updated 7th of June 2012] Open Sunday only, 6am-10pm

Contact information: 086-159-4774, 084-362-7582

Price: B150 per rod for lure fishing (allows for fisherman to fish in all ponds with lure) and B50  per rod to bait fish per specified ponds.

Rods are available for rental at B50 per rod.

There is also breadbait for sale (prices starting at B50) for catfish and tilapia fishing.

Bread bait for sale at the pond.


Description: Look at the species list and you’ve got a fisherman’s dream come true. No more having to choose between fishing for Mekong giant catfish or lure fishing for barramundi and the bad boys of the Amazon (tiger shovelnose and Amazonian redtail) and the Floridian alligator gar.

The pond is situated in an agricultural area surrounded by rice fields and fish farms. The drive there from the temple is quite lovely and the air there is very fresh and clean considering that you are only an hour out of Bankgok.

An hour from Bangkok and you get this.

Having only opened in January 2011, Freestyle fishing has a total of five ponds. So if you are reading this in 2011 and not that far into the future, their fish stock is still a little low but they do stock 20kg+ Mekongs in one pond but they too don’t bite too often. Lure fishermen can fish in all ponds while bait fishermen can only fish with bread baits in specified ponds.

The main lure fishing pond has really clear water with some water weeds growing in it giving the pond a very natural look.


The highlights of the pond:

  • It allows lure fishing until 10pm
  • Is relatively cheap
  • Water vegetation is present in several ponds making it a great ambush spot for predators
  • Has a large variety of species
  • Many dining roofed dining areas within the fishing area as well as the clubhouse
  • Their clubhouse has a pretty sweet pool table
  • Toilets are clean with Western-style sit-down toilets (but with a Thai bucket flush)
  • The food is both cheap and pretty good (I didn’t like their som tam but everything else was tasty)
  • They can set u umbrella and chairs around the bait fishing ponds for the fisherman’s comfort
  • The staff are friendly.


Tackle information: The Mekong giant catfish here are 20kg+ so be sure to prepare a sturdy set-up to handle that weight with enough line to work with. The barramundi and the other predator species range between 1-5kg so a basic lure set up that can handle 8-15lb is more than adequate.

The striped snakehead have infested and made their homes in every pond and they are by far the most aggressive (during my visit).

Pond difficulty: Quite hard as the fish fish numbers aren’t that high and the occasional competition they host gives them a lot of pressure but the fish bite best at dusk and they go after topwater lures then.


Outdoor dining area beside the main lure pond

A photo of a photo of one of the Mekongs they released into the pond.

Clean bathrooms

A small marble catfish a fisherman caught with bread bait. They also go for lures.

The striped snakehead here have migrated to every pond in the park


The barramundi here are quite healthy


The Amazonian redtail catfish range from 2-5kg

The aforementioned striped-snakehead steamed with lime, Isan style pork salad and som tam (papaya salad)

12 Responses to Freestyle Fishing Park

  1. PHONE says:

    kaluna sonf lalkha
    “fish ARAIPAMA”


  2. Absman69 says:

    I went last Friday and the lady said they only open on Sunday!! Maybe wanna get in touch and find out what’s goin on down there…anyway I headed down to Bor Num and caught 27 fish up to 6kg on the fly!! I believe they call this Karma…. 🙂

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Oh wow! I just called them up and you’re right! They’ve changed their opening times so that the fish would be more aggressive! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

      I’m usually too busy to call and check up on the ponds so updates like these are great for me thank you and congrats on your bounty at Bor Num!

      I’ll change the operating days now!

    • sadung says:

      Hi I’m interested in fishing. Last time I was fishing I went bungsamran but 2 hours my back went also very expensive how much was it where you fished. David. Sadung0777@gmail.com

  3. JosCarp says:

    Just a heads up, I went to Freestyle today and it’s kind of shut down at the moment. Ponds are full of weed and no staff or fisherman there. Just a couple of maintenance guys cutting grass. From what I could understand they are re opening in the new year sometime.

  4. Michael says:

    Any updates on this pond. Are they open again and if so what days and times?

  5. Just on that point Freddies Fishing Park is closed on Mondays ….

  6. André Ulvé says:

    The fishing park is now closed (december 2015), no more activities since a long time (hight grasses)

  7. Anthony says:

    Thé distingue Park is it open?

  8. André says:

    at Pilot 111, it is 500 baths if you bring your own rod and lures.
    Great place but owner not friendly.

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