Fish species: In the Thai pond Striped catfish, Siamese giant carp and Mekong giant catfish. In the predators pond: arapaima, alligator gar, tiger shovelnose catfish, red bellied pacu and black bellied pacu.

Fishing type: Anything.

Location: Petchkasem highway (national highway number 4) KM194, Cha-Am.

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Operating hours: Open daily 8am-8pm

Contact information: 032-449-141, 032-449-301,


Fishing price – B200 per rod at the Thai pond and B4,000 at the predators pond (must book in advance).

Rod rental – B250 per rod

Bread bait – B30 baht per bag.

Hotel room – B400-1200

Description: Here is a very beautiful and relaxing fishing pond just 10kms outside of the seaside town of Cha-Am. The fishing pond is large and spacious, the surrounding area is lush and green with trees, prices here are very affordable and the fishing is stupidly easy. Sit close enough to the internet cafe and you can get access to the resort’s complimentary wireless service.

The concrete fishing area has a step down into the water making the netting process easier. The only problem with the fishing here are the sizes of the fish. The bites can be as frequent as once every 5-10 minutes with the right set-up but chances of landing anything more then 6kilos are slim. There are the occasional 30kg fish but they barely pop up since the smaller and speedier striped catfishes will usually beat every other fish to the hook.

As of 2011 they added an additional pond, the predators pond. This pond is stocked with a variety of foreign species. Most of them have been featured on the show “River Monsters”

Tackle information: set tackle up for fishing line no more than 20lb or else you’ll be bored to tears from the lack of difficulty.

Pond difficulty: very easy.

A nice sunny day at the fishing pond.

Small and easy, like a Bangkok hooker.

12 Responses to Cha-Am Fishing Inn And Resort – fishing and wi-fi

  1. Mike J Ward says:

    Cha Am fishing Park is a great venue and I have had many good days there.

    Mike J Ward

  2. Lucas Grant says:

    Excellent venue. Prices are now b200 for the day and r250 for rod rental. b30 for ground up bread. Predator pond is now b4000. In the cheap pond I have seen a +-35kg Beuk landed, and a +-40kg Kraho(Giant siamese carp). Went there yesterday just for the day and caught 14 catfish, in between beers, biggest being 20kg. In the other pond saw a 90kg Arapaima landed. Also have caught Amazon red-tails, Rohu?-smallish carp, apparently there are also Gar and Tiger catfish in the cheap pond.

  3. Blake says:

    A favourite venue of mine when I need to get out of Bangkok for some peace and quiet. Only 2 hour drive from central Bangkok, allowing for one stop on the way. Nice surroundings and a very relaxing atmosphere.
    The fishing can get a bit repetitive (as noted in the review) but I have found some larger catfish fish (20kg +) on the prowl. When I was there recently also saw someone land a 30kg+ Siamese Carp- lovely fish.
    Bungalows are fine, top-end ones have True Visions. There is also a swimming pool , which is nice for a dip after a hard day’s fishing !

  4. darren/spiderdaz says:

    cha am fishing park is number one in thailand for me the price,the fish,the staff is ausome
    i fish there about 30 times each year
    had makong cats to 60 kilos and other species
    all from lake 1 also has large ret tails cat fish but they r a chalenge

  5. Pooh says:

    I really like this place – although it sometimes gets a little crowded. I caught a huge tepa (Chao Phraya catfish) there earlier this year, on the ‘Thai’ pond. Read my report here:
    On my next visit I lost an arapaima – apparently it’s the only one in this pond and was 75kg last time it was caught!

  6. Jasmin says:

    Went there with my Dad and cousins we caught 5 Catfish it was a great day. Teenage girls can fish too!

  7. stuart says:

    does any body know the cost of bungalows ,or have any photos of them

  8. alan hall says:

    i have fished a number pools in thailand and i must say had some great days the girlfiend and i booked an hotel in cha-am 20th 22nd january ,cant wait to fish this pool ..if i can hook 1 20kgplus i will be a very happy

  9. Barry buttel says:

    Can you use lures at cha am inn

  10. Justin says:

    How can I get in touch with them? It’s difficult to call, since I’m in Korea (I’m and Englsih teacher) and I can’t seem to get to the website. Thank you!

    • Open says:

      This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eric D. Colburn, PLS, Kung Fu Drafter. Kung Fu Drafter said: RT : New Blog Post- Land Surveyor Catches Record Catfish in Missouri River

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