Caught using a rubber shad.

Fish species: arapaima, red tail catfish, tiger shovelnose catfish, red tail tiger hybrid catfish, arrowana,alligator gar, giant snakehead, Chaophraya catfish, Asian redtail catfish, featherback, and giant freshwater stingray.

Fishing type: Lure and fly fishing only, no bait.

Location: Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom Province.

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GPS Coordinates: 13.970791,99.953452

Operating hours: Fishing hours – 6am-7pm, the owner is quite flexible and easy-going.

Contact information: 081-426-4203, khun Ae.

Price: B2000.

Description: After the exotic fish species of the first Amazon BKK got too big, the owner had no choice but to move them to a much bigger, 10-rai (a little under 4 acres) out in the middle of Nakhon Pathom. The journey there from Bangkok takes about an hour and a half. Two hours with traffic.

The facilities here are quite limited compared to the ones at the previous Amazon BKK. No kitchen, so food had to be ordered via outside kitchen for the time being but of course, you really aren’t here for the food are you?

The fishing is very good value for money for the avid Amazonian hunter. Arapaimas of 30kg+ and Amazonian redtail catfish of 15kg+ are common and conditioned to take lures.

There is one main pond where the exotic species are kept and two little canals on the side where the local species like the giant snakeheads are kept.

The service here is quite fantastic. Upon landing a big fish, the pond guys will get on their motorcycle and get to wherever you are on the pond to help unhook the fish, which at times can be difficult because the arapaima takes lures really deep.

As usual the rules are that all lures must have their barbs pinched out to avoid injuring the fish.

Tackle information: The pond isn’t too big and there aren’t any obstructions so 20-30lb line and 10-25lb rods should be enough. Make sure to have plenty of line for when the Amazonian redtails like to make long and powerful runs. Be sure to have a nice long leader line of at least 50lb fluorocarbon.

Pond difficulty: Medium. There are plenty of fish here but they aren’t as aggressive as one would like. Things get more fun when the pond is chummed with live tilapia in the late afternoon.

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18 Responses to Amazon BKK 2

  1. peter lyons says:

    thanks for the info, map is,nt much use without road no,s and town names

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Haha, there are no road names. It’s too rural. You’ll just have to plug the coordinates into the gps or zoom out with the Google maps to find the spot. We managed to get there after many phone conversations with the pond owner giving us landmarks to work with the whole way there.

  2. John Williams says:

    Certainly looked a good alternative to IT monsters at the price but wont be going on the dual pricing structure. Business lost. Money lost again due to double standards.

  3. Trevor says:

    What would be the closest town, accommodation ?
    Any way to get there from Bangkok other than to drive ?

    • Asutania says:

      I was so glad to read this post because I was woeirrd about what was going on there because we can never be sure what we hear on the news *sigh* . but you are like a good reporter who tells it like it is. Well, keep blogging! Love you!

  4. Lodewijk says:

    Been there twice, last visit was yesterday. I reckon the pond is fantastic for fly fisherman especially who wants targeting arapaima. And evenmore better in late afternoon when they chummed with live or dying tilapia as mentioned earlier. I also second the service is excelent. Very nice pond…..and greeting from Indonesia !

    • Catherine says:

      Bhante, Thank you for all of your right effort in tnihcaeg us the Dhamma. I will be thinking of you as you make your way to Toronto. I know you will keep us up to date on your latest adventure on the path. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

  5. aidil says:

    i just notice bkk amazon got new place now…..
    the fees also …rise hahaha..
    by the way quit far from bkk ….i need to go to shothern bus terminal ….take a bus go to kanchanaburi…..
    correct me bkkhooker….hahaha…small budget fishing

  6. Brian says:

    Will be going there this Monday. Anyone want to tag along is welcome just help my nephew who’s driving with gas money. Contact me at Brian

  7. jerry singh says:

    good day everyone,
    i’m visiting Bangkok next month. would like to fish in this pond. does anyone have a trust worthy contact for taxi or private taxi?
    thank you

  8. Mek says:

    Oh just passed by and saw the question regarding transportation…

    You guys can take a return trip official mini-van from AmazonBkk so it’s 2000 baht thus you can share with your friends or family up to 3 persons (imagine toyota 4 doors mini truck).

    if you don’t have your own rod…. it’s 500baht for a decent rental one

  9. makoto says:

    Hi t
    I will go to fishing in BKK2 on March 15.
    I want to reserve.
    I will go by taxi.
    Here? Fishing rod has rental?

    • Ryo says:

      Saya pengen ke Sin-Thai-Mal skaetir 24 Oktober 2012, keinginannya : Di singapura hanya hari kedatangan aja (datang langsung city tour) malam dg bus/van ke thailand 2 malam (hari ke 2 dan 3 full), pagi ke malaysia 3 malam (hari 4,5,6 full) pulang hari ke 6 via surabaya misalnya airasia jam 19:00.Tolong biaya berapa ya ..(4 orang)

  10. makoto says:

    Hi Mek
    I will go to fishing in BKK2 on March 15.
    I want to reserve.
    I will go by taxi.
    Here? Fishing rod has rental?

  11. […] これは簡単に見つかった。AMAZON BKKという管理釣り場(釣り堀)があるらしい。1日2,000バーツ(日本円で約7,000円ぐらい)の料金を支払えばルアーででっかいピラルクーが狙えるということなので、絶対に行くしかない。むしろここが今回の旅のメインディッシュになりそう。ということで1箇所確保。 […]

  12. Dave says:

    Hi I’m looking at fishing bkk2 in may I see you can hire a rod but can you hire everything lures reels.or what would I need to bring and how much is it for the day.

  13. salar says:

    Hi, we want to come to fish for fishing or not

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