One of the best parts about fishing in Thailand is the large variety of things we can do here as a fisherman. Apart from our large selection of natural fishing, there is also the option to go to some very good pay ponds for very reasonable prices. Unlike the pay ponds of Singapore or Malaysia, fishing ponds in Thailand usually do not charge by the hour but rather by the day or half-day. With our large supply of fish farms there is always an abundance of fish to stock these ponds so the impatient fisherman would never have to wait too long or go through nature’s obstacle course to catch a trophy-sized river monster.

Also there is the issue of money. Not all of us can afford boats or flights to the Amazon to go do some fishing. In Thailand, for a fee, one can find himself fishing for all sorts of exotic species from Thailand and across the world from the comforts of a civilized setting without having to break the bank (usually anyways).

Yes it is somewhat cheating for the natural purists out there but there are two ways to justify it:

  1. Fishing at a pay pond is like going to the driving range: it can be done as practice for the real thing someday.
  2. Or, fishing at a pay pond is like going to the brothel: you’re paying for a quick thrill that would have taken a lot more effort in a natural scenario… but the only thing you’ll be catching is fish.

Anyway, to view some of the ponds that I have visited and chose to write about, just put your mouse cursor to the navigation bar above labeled “Fishing Ponds” and select one of the ponds.
Tight lines!

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  1. flufish13 says:

    Where can I find Fishing World Lake?
    Thank You

  2. Alex West says:

    All I know is that it is somerwhere in Minburi…also had no luck to pinpoint its exact location. But it is near a pick-up racing track of some sort…

  3. John-Tom says:

    13.865506°, 100.799157° GPS coordinates for Minburi Fishing World

    Best fished from a boat, very very slow from the bungalows.

    Some massive Pacu that are well above the IGFA world record size.

  4. Alex West says:

    @ John-Tom (by the way, it was actually your blogs that got me into fishing again in Thailand…so thanks and Kudos)!

    As for the ‘old’ Fishing World, I think it is now called Ruan-Pair or something. Can you bring your own boat (with engine)? Extra price? Are your catches for keeps (or must release)? What other fish can be caught there?

    Sorry for all these questions, but I have been trying to find this Fishing World and finally have coordinates! Thanks!


    i want to start a croaker pond in Nigeria,pls what do i need to know

  6. John-Tom says:

    Try 🙂

  7. By the way for those looking for Fishing World its now Ruen Pare Fishing park, and is really best avoided. Their focus is 100% on the restauant, you can still fish there and hire the huts for the day @ THB 500 and THB 100 per rod per day, but the staff have no idea what’s going on. i went to revisit this old favourite spot of mine a few weeks back and after a 5 minute chat opted to go to Pilot 111 instead.

  8. Dazz says:

    +12° 48′ 23.18″, +100° 56′ 22.25″

    I noticed you had a couple of points marked down out of Pattaya but the best place IMHO which you may not have come across is Amazon Fishing Park, located not far from Wat Yannasangwararam on Na Chom Tiam 23 (opposite Na Chom Tian 38 turn).

    The GPS co-ordinates are provided above as the place has no signs on the roads directing you to the lakes.

    Easiest way I can say to find the lakes the first time (took me 2 days!!) if not using the GPS is to look for the Dusit (not a hotel more of a private estate) then directly on opposite side of the road is a coffee shop with a development behind it which you turn onto, then head toward the coffee shop following the road and you will finally see a sign for the lake.

    Fishing is not cheap BHT 2,000 but the fishing is tremendous, big Red Tails, big Tigers, Arapima up to 50kg, Aligator Gar are prolific and also large, plus several smaller species. Equipment and dead bait included, the rods and reels are not bad compared to other places I have visited. The fish tend to bite very well early until 10am then less frequent until 3pm then they go bananas until night falls.

    All in all expensive but I feel it is worth it to catch Arapima and especially a big Tiger Cat which is an amazingly marked fish.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Thanks for the contribution Dazz,
      I have heard about that pond before but have yet to make a visit because I don’t often go to Pattaya. Plus, it’d probably be very difficult to visit without GPS co-ordinates.

      I’ll give that place a view in due time as my personal rule for this blog is that I don’t write about ponds I’ve never been to, which is why I haven’t written about famous places like Ngao Nam.

      But I’ll soon be very free to check out all these places and write proper reports for them.

      Once again thanks for the info.

  9. andy says:

    Bueng paklak
    Seems to be the poor mans pilot 111
    ( 13°40’56.97″N )( 100°41’45.95″E )
    20bht for a days fishing! (pla chon)(pla krapong)(yisuk?)
    I found it by accident on sunday and went in for a look see but there was a competition on with more then 100 people both bait fishing and lure fishing, I could have run home quick and grabbed a rod and box of lures as its less than 5 mins from my place but to be honest i felt a little timid being new to lure fishing,
    Monday morning i put a rod on my back and stuffed the box of lures in an old laptop bag and went there on the mountainbike,
    I noticed around 5 people bait fishing near the entrance in the shadow of the wall but over the other side of the lake 2 guys lure fishing and guessed thats where i should be,
    i started of with a shallow runner minow and slowly went through the whole selection of smaller hard sinking baits i had then tried a couple surface frogs (zilch!) but all the time trying to sneak a look at the lures the others were using which seemed to be a small hard lure with a red tail belonging to a worm lure, I had nothing resembling that in my box but decided better to go for any soft lure and on the first cast i thought for a moment i had snagged a piece of the debre that is in abundance…nope it was a snakehead (pla chon) over the next 2 hours i had another 2 then one of the guys came and asked why i was putting them back… Guess these guys fish for food or an income,
    I went back for 4 hours this morning and caught 2 baramundi (pla krapong) on a sinking frog which are splashing around in a bucket in the bath room at the moment for dinner tonight,
    I cant imagine any english is spoken there…also i maybe the first farang customer judging by the reaction of the people at the cashiers hut but anyway very friendly people.

  10. darren/spiderdaz says:

    there r 2 fishing parks in cha am
    koh yai fishing park is on the same rd as cha am
    fishing park
    3 lakes there
    and only 80 baht per day
    slower action than cha am but makongs to 60 kilo
    also catch and eat lake so can eat anythin under 5 kilo(populer with the thai ladies) and also the spining/preditor lake all 80 baht per day plus rod hire

  11. Marshal says:

    This site had a taxi phone from BKK to Bor Num of 02 880 0888. I called but it may be out of service. Is there another taxi number for a day trip in November? Thanks

  12. tony says:

    I’m here in BKK for a few months teaching English, and would like to take my wife and daughter and probably a buddy to fish for a day. I didn’t bring any gear with me.
    Can you reccomend a decent place where I can rent gear, fish, eat and have a good time that is reasonably close to the city (I live in Ari).
    Thanks – great site!

  13. insane says:

    can anybody help me? Pattaya fishing park closed and relocated earlier this yr,but where?

  14. Eugenia says:

    When I put They’re Real!

  15. Jarod Shelton says:

    Where is the Boonma (Boon Mar) Fishing Park?

  16. Rick says:

    Hi guys. I went over to minburi fishing world today. Spoke with the people at the lake side restaurant. They will not allow any fishing at this lake now. They have the restaurant and a rental business for boats at the other end of the lake. 🙁 you can feed the fish from the floating platforms that make the restaurant. The water is clear with 2 -3 m of visibility. Lots of intresting fish swimming around. Amazing to see the big pacu- swimming close to the surface. Throw a bit of bread in and watch the pacu- attack it. Sutch power!!!!!! Shame you cant get fishing.

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