A Hooker’s Introduction To Fishing In Thailand

Fishing has always been one of the loves of my life and being born in Thailand sure makes this passion an easy one to enjoy. There is just so much to do for a fisherman here. With reservoirs and rivers for freshwater fishing, the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea for exciting deep sea adventures and pay ponds stocked with river monsters from around the world, fishing in Thailand has a ton to offer. However, despite fishing being such a popular sport in Thailand there is actually very little free English information about it on the internet. There are a lot of packaged fishing tours that cover all the bases for the fisherman but then, what about the expats who live here or the poorer tourists who can’t pay for such  expensive fishing tours in Thailand? As a Thai national I find that something needs to be done to promote it so that anyone visiting this wonderful country can enjoy the good fishing. As a result, during my time as a writer for the Bangkok Post, I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my fishing when I am away from the water and as a free directory for all who are interested in fishing in Thailand.

I may be new in the fishing scene and this website will forever be a work-in-progress and I will continue to add places to fish in Thailand whenever I come across a new paypond each with details of the price, location (including google map and gps), tackle information and additional details. You can find these fishing locations in the drop-down menu labeled “Fishing Ponds”.

Occasionally I will write about a fish species that I have encountered and you can check it out on the top down menu above labeled “Thai Game Fish”. This too will continually be updated when I have the time.

If you’d like to learn about some of the basic skills that us Thais use when fishing for the local species check out “Some Basics”.

I also have a section called “Tackle Shops” detailing about places where one can buy fishing gear in Bangkok. If you have any locations you’d like to submit please feel free to contribute.

My name is Oz and I can be reached here through this blog, the facebook page (facebook.com/bangkokhookerfishing) or my email schanarat@gmail.com.

Have fun in Thailand!

Yours Truly,

Oz Bangkokhooker.

32 Responses to Introduction

  1. Ravindra Jayasuriya says:

    hey your site is cool and want to learn fishing from you. I will let you know when i am in BKK next time till then

    Peace….. Ravindra.

  2. jw says:

    Cool site. Keep it up and happy fishing!

  3. joo says:

    hey! nice blog! love the design and the contents!!! :)

  4. ktang says:

    Hi there,

    Stumbled upon your blog, nice place.
    You speak Thai?
    We are a group anlgers fr Malaysia and intend to make a trip to Khao Laem.
    Would you be interested to join us?

    Happy Fishing !!

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  6. Anton says:

    Hey Oz,
    Awesome blog.
    I’m Anton a regular fangler from Jakarta.
    I’ll be in bkk from 15- 20 dec and planning to fish @bsr.
    If u are free maybe we can fish out together. =)
    I am also tempted to try other places that you’ve mention a bit in your blog.
    Would love to meet up and share fishing stories.

    p/s: if u are interested pls email me your number. I’ll call you once i’m there. Thx

  7. Alex West says:

    i just realized something…what is it about anglers that they also enjoy video-games and air-rifles? John-tom has a nice air rifle blog. I love my air rifle (deadly thing)! “…there are many like it, but this is mine…” 
    And i just started Dragonage II last night… ;)

  8. Tim coakley says:

    Hi there my names Tim!
    You have a great web site and it’s really good your helping others find these places as a English person it’s often very hard to find any info when your not able to speak Thai!
    I will be moving to Thailand in June and would really appreciate some advice as I love my fishing my newest target fish I plan to go for is feather back can you advise me of any methods and most importantly where you advise me to go!
    I’m not your average fishing tourist I don’t have big money I just love fishing and I love Thailand so going with an expensive tour company where they do it all for you doesn’t interest me I like the hard work and the feeling of catching your target!
    I have done very well over the years in Thailand I have smashed almost all the so called world records well 23 different species mainly from when I lived there 5years ago for two years although most are still larger than the current record! I feel these records are only there to sell tours!
    Be great to get in contact

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hi there Tim!
      Pleasure to meet you and thanks for coming to the website.

      Featherbacks are decent fighters and can be found in many reservoirs. Catching them takes a fair bit of patience and perseverance. You’ll be casting your lures all day and might not even get one bite. A lazy man’s method would involve using a live gold fish and a small circle hook to catch them. I strongly advocate catching them by lure tho, it’s way more rewarding to know that you’ve tricked it into thinking that an inanimate object is a living prey.

      Why don’t you post some of your fishing pictures in the facebook page? I can never get enough fishing pictures haha.

      Lemme know when you’re town!


      Oz Bangkokhooker

  9. Tim coakley says:

    Thanks for replying mate
    Yeah I will have a sort through and send you some pics have plenty so you can choose which ones you want on your site!
    Will most certainly get in contact when I arrive June aug and hopefully can meet up!
    Keep up the good work and tight lines

  10. Axel says:


    very nice blog (I should start here before my other comments!)

    Hooker in Thailand as well, fishing mainly plaa chon around home in Nakhon Phanom… but only wild because no pond available in far country !

  11. Ricky says:

    Hi Oz,

    Like the people before me, let me say you a have great site. Hope you continue to update it, contains useful info regarding fishing in Thailand.

    I go to Bangkok at least once a year for both business & fishing. Because of your site that I just recently discovered, I have found new areas to fish at. Keep up the good work.

  12. axel says:

    hi oz,

    brilliant page. nice to see that there are also crazy angler in thailand like us.keep it up.

    tight lines from germany

    axel + matt

  13. james baker says:

    Hello from England
    I’m moving to Pattaya, Naklua in 1 week and fully intend to come to BSR many times as several of the techers at the school im joining have fished there alot!…I have fished in Issan (Burriram) and Jomtiem near pattaya….I really want to come to BSR for VERY big catfish or Siamese carp.

    Hope to see you in the next 2/3weeks….great website by the way

    Best wished….James.

  14. Michael says:

    I now live in Thailand and during my one of my internet searches to figure out where I can fish in Thailand, I ran across your site. I am impressed with not only your Thai fishing knowledge and skills but your literary skills as well. Great to see you share all those skills with those of us who are interested. I fish Pilot 111 frequently and recently tried R/C fishing park. I guess I’m still experiencing cultural transition from fishing the Texas Gulf Coast to fishing in Thailand but I guess I’ll adjust to the differences sooner or later. I’d like to try Bang Phra for a more “natural experience” but I drove out there and I’m just not sure about those little wooden boats since I usually fish alone. My wife said “You are crazy if you go out in that little boat with just you and a Thai guy who doesn’t speak any English”. Anyway, I’m trying to work up the nerve or stupidity, depending on your perspective.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Hey Michael,
      Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you spread the word about what I have here.
      Firstly, there’s nothing stupid about those little boats my friend, I’ve caught some magnificent trophies in those little things thanks to their ability to quietly enter secluded little pockets in a way that no trolling motor can ever do.
      You better try Bang Prah soon tho, the frenzy has recently restarted (probably due to global warming) and boy are they biting again.
      In fact, many of my friends who don’t speak any Thai have frequented Bang Prah for some pretty good times. This coming Sunday team Bangkokhooker is actually going there to check it out!
      Hope to see you out fishing some day brother!

      Once again, thanks for finding out about my site. It’s hard to get found when there are already so many fishing tour sites out there stealing the google front page.

      • Michael says:

        I will indeed spread the word about your website, Oz. It’s a great resource for those of us interested in fishing Thailand.

        The “stupidity” statement which included “nerves” was about me, not the wooden boats. At my age (61) getting into such a small boat for something as exciting as fishing would require, in my case, a lot of nerve or stupidity. In my younger days, I fished using many extreme methods to get to where the fish were but safety has become equally as important as fishing to me.

        • Bangkokhooker says:

          Oh don’t worry, these boats are quite stable when you sit down and fish. One of my fishing buddies, a fellow member of team Bangkokhooker, is 64 years in age and he handles it fine.


          Perhaps you’ll join us one day.

  15. Trevor says:

    When is the best time to fish in Thailand?

  16. Jason says:

    Firstly, awesome site Oz, I only started fishing this year and it’s taking control of my life…..I just stumbled on your site and I’m wrapped that it’s packed full of info for us virgin faranglers that don’t know much about the “where’s and what for’s” of fishing in Thailand, I’ve even bought a 50ft boat so next time your in Pattaya look me up…..keep up the good work!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      What?! From one year of fishing you’ve decided to go get a boat? man that’s some dedication! Well done man!

      Thanks for checking my site out Jason! I am always grateful of comments! What kind of fishing do you generally do?

      • Jason says:

        Crazy hey, it’s a big old boat that i’m starting charters with next year….
        I do like saltwater fishing, but I caught a 2 kilo snakehead with a lure at a fish park here in pattaya, so that comes a close second now.
        Just love fishing in general though!

  17. morteza says:

    please give me address store fishing in bankok

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