Alex holding up a striped sea catfish he caught from Bang Pakong River

English name: striped sea catfish.

Scientific name: Plotosus anguillaris van Martens.

Thai name: Plaa duk talay, ปลาดุกทะเล.

Description: Not much is written in English about the striped sea catfish. Ironically, although it is called a “sea” catfish, this species is only found in freshwater and brackish water. They are grey in colour and like all catfish, have no scales. It has six whiskers (from what I gathered) and has an almost alien-like face. They are known to grow to about 40-60cm and can be found in the Bang Pakong river.

How to catch them: Being bottom feeders, the preferred method for catching them is with shrimp (live or dead) from the bottom.

Deliciousness: Like most catfish, the striped sea catfish has a rich fatty flesh that may be an acquired taste for some. They are great for grilling whole or chopped up and served in a spicy tom yam soup.


So ugly it's cute, like a pug.

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