Pangasius larnaudii

A spot pangasius caught at IT Lake Monsters. Note the black spot on its side.

English name: spot pangasius.

Scientific name: pangasius larnaudii.

Thai name: plaa tepo (ปลาเทโพ)

Description: the spot pangasius is a medium-sized fish of the pangasius genus that grows to just over a metre and weighing at most around 4kg but the more common ones are usually found at 50cm and weighing around 2kg.

The “spot” of its namesake is a reference to the black dots on their side right at the base of their pectoral fins. Like others of the same genus, the spot pangasius has no scales and instead has a smooth silvery skin that is soft to touch.

It is an omnivorous fish that eats just about anything from small aquatic animals to vegetation and man-made food like bread.

How to catch them: Breadbait on a coil feeder is one way to catch them. Since they are omnivorous anything from bread to earthworms work. It’s a matter of getting them to bite before the other species like the striped catfish. They also go after small lures both topwater and midwater.

Tastiness: The spot pangasius has been domesticated for its meat and is specifically used for a dish named the gaeng tepo (แกงเทโพ), literally spot pangasius curry.

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