2kg Rohu caught using bread at Bungsamran


English name: rohu.

Scientific name: labeo rohita.

Thai name: plaa yeesok taed (ปลายี่สกเทศ)

Description: The rohu is an introduced species from India. They are a herbivorous fish from the carp family. They are usually about found at 2-5kg in weight and about 50-60cm long but there have been records of them growing up to 20kg or more. According to fishbase.org the world record is at 45kg and at 200cm long but that is extremely rare.

The rohu’s Thai name, plaa yeesok taed, is comprised of two parts. Plaa yeesok is a local fish known in English as the Julien’s Price carp, a similar looking fish also from the carp family, while the word taed is the Thai word for something foreign so literally the rohu is the “foreign Jullien’s golden carp”.

These carps can be found quite commonly in many fishing ponds across the country as well as in water reservoirs. The Thais sometimes refer to this fish as the rohd tuhng (รถถัง), literally, “tank” because of its chunky body.

How to catch them: The common bait for them at fishing ponds is bread bait, mixed and pressed into a coil feeder. In the wild, the preferred bait is grounded rice husk als pressed into the coil feeder.

Taste: The rohu is a delicacy through South Asia as well as South East Asia as it was imported here strictly for its meat.

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  1. Fishbookmal says:


    I have had a good experience with a heavy rohu… 9+kg to be exact… even with 10-20lbs gear meant for light jigging , it took me nearly 8 minutes to land it… great fun…

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