Tap with yeesok tet

English name: Jullien’s golden carp.

Scientific name: probarbus jullieni.

Thai name: plaa yeesok Thai, ปลายี่สกไทย.

Description: There are two main fish species named the “plaa yeesok” in Thailand. The yeesok Thai is the original “yeesok” fish. The rohu, a similar looking fish, was an introduced species from India and was named the “yeesok tet”, literally, “the foreign yeesok”. Unlike the rohu, the Thai yeesok can grow much bigger to 150cm and over 70kg but due to environmental threat, it has become an endangered species and such large specimens are hard to find in the wild.

The golden carp is a scaled fish from the family cyprinidae with notable lateral lines along its side. It is a vegetarian fish and can be found around South East Asia. Only twenty years ago they could be readily found in the wild but due to over fishing they have been listed as an endangered species.

How to catch them: They are known to go after bread bait and rice husk bait. Coil feeder rigs fished at the bottom are the way to go usually at fishing ponds that have them.

Taste: Their value as a food fish was their main reason for them becoming endangered so I am guessing that they taste pretty damn good.

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