A medium sized specimen of the fourfinger threadfin

English name: Fourfinger threadfin aka Indian Salmon.

Scientific name: Eleutheronema tetradactylum.

Thai name: Plaa kurao, ปลากุเรา.

Description: Found commonly in the gulf of Thailand and some of the brackish rivers during high water season, the fourfinger threadfin is a predatory fish that feads on small fish and crustaceans near the bottom. They usually grow to about 40-60cm but under the right conditions they have been known to grow up to two metres but that is extremely rare.

Their bodies are elongate and covered in small silvery scales. Like other fish in the threadfin family (polynemidae family), the founrfinger threadfin has distinctive whisker-like pectoral fins. It also has a strangely blunt face reminiscent of a muppet character going, “WTF!?”

They are commonly raised in fish farms for their meat. They are naturally found in the sea but during the cool season the adults migrate up river to feed.

How to catch them: In fishing ponds and fish farms they are known to go after topwater lures like poppers and rubber shad lures. In the wild, the surefire way to get them is via bait fishing at the bottom using shrimp both live or dead.

Tastiness: The fourfinger threadfin is a very tasty fish. Its firm white odorless flesh makes it ideal for many forms of preparation. The larger ones can be filleted into large steaks.

A close up of a smaller specimen

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