English name: Boeseman croaker.

Scientific name: Boesemania microlepis.

Thai name: Plaa harng kiew, ปลาหางกิ่ว.

Description: The croaker is a fish that is covered in shiny golden scales. It starts its life out with silver scales while going gold in maturity. The name “harng kiew” literally means “deflated tail” and by looking at the photograph it is easy to see why as the fish’s tail looks disproportionally smaller than the rest of its body. They can be found in both fresh and brackish waters hanging around deep pools of water hunting small fish and crustaceans. They are usually about 0.5kg to about 2-3kg but sources indicate that its’ max documentated weight is at 18kg. 

When hooked, try to fight them delicately as their lips are quite fragile and the hook can easily be ripped out of the fish’s mouth.

How to catch them: The most common way to catch the croaker is by bottom fishing with small live shrimps  as bait.

Deliciousness: The croaker is a tasty fish that can be prepared in a variety of methods. The suggested methods include steaming it with lime and garlic or deep-frying.

2 Responses to Boeseman Croaker – All that glitters is gold

  1. Alex West says:

    Courtesy by Alex West…the EPIC FAIL GUY!

    Congrats on your first Croaker man! What about the ugly-ass toad fish?! That was a first as well…

  2. Thanks!
    as for the toad fish, I definitely am not considering that a “game fish” haha! Let’s go find some plaa chon soon!

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