English name: Asian redtail catfish.

Scientific name: Hemibragru wyckioides.

Thai name: Plaa kohd kung, ปลากดคัง.

Description: The Asian redtail catfish is a predatorial catfish that grows to 130cm. Like many other catfish it has a set of whiskers to navigate itself in murkier waters. This long grey bodied fish is marked with a bright red tail and some other spots of red on its fins. Care should be taken when handling these fish as they have spikes protruding from their pectorial fins (the ones on the side) as well as its dorsal fin (the one on top) and it can be a little painful when they pierce the skin.

Like all the fish in the catfish family the Asian redtail knows how to put up a very good fight.

How to catch them: Being bottom feeders, the Asian redtail is a big fan of bottom lures. The Texas rig method and other bottom feeding lures work well. As for bait fishing, Thai people usually use some form of fermented bait to catch them.

Deliciousness: The Asian redtail catfish is one of the most expensive freshwater table fish in Thailand, usually costing twice as much as barramundi. Its firm tasty flesh makes it ideal for make forms of cooking.