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  1. Alex West says:

    Try these popular fish (especially in the Bang Pakong River) :

    - Pla Hang Kew (not sure about the English name, ‘Croaker’…?)
    - ‘Wild’ Barramundis (although probably not native)
    - Pla Boo (weird fish, but supposedly tasty)
    - Pla Kod (catfish-like, get quite big in some lakes and ponds)
    - Pla Beaw (Sheatfish…ugly things, but look mean)

  2. thanks for the recommendations. Do you head there often?

  3. Alex West says:

    A couple of times…rent a boat with guide to take you around the river (they are under the motorway bridge to cholburi, crossing the bpk river). but you must be in the right mood for this sort of fishing: life shrimp as bait, frequently changing spots, under the hot sun (hard to imagine that right now, right?), watching your floater. But it is a good and relaxing for a change.

  4. tom says:

    hi there could you give me some tips plz on what rigs and bait i need and what i need to be looking for when fishing for sheatfish wallgo just up in a village here and ive seen the locals bring back some decent ones and wouldnt mind some ov the action : ) and im not verry expericed on wild water but love fishing thanks in advance

  5. tom says:

    there wasnt a sheatfish on targets so i put it here mate cheers

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