Let's have fun! Book a guide now!

Let’s have fun! Book a guide now!

Fishing in Bangkok – visiting the fishing parks and BUILD YOUR OWN fishing package.

As a newcomer or tourist in Bangkok there are plenty of difficulties when trying to get some fishing done. Bangkok has many fishing parks, each with their own set of species and difficulties and having to tell your taxi drivers how to get to fishing parks can definitely be an annoying thing to deal with especially if you can’t speak the local language.

Save yourself the time and the hassle by having one of our professional bilingual guides make your day easier.
What our guides will do for you:

  • drive you to the parks,
  • be your personal translator,
  • help to teach you how to catch the fish you want,
  • provide you with the gear you need if you haven’t brought any with you,
  • make an HD video of your trip
  • and we’ll try our best to make you smile : )

We have a fair and honest pricing system for our guide service. You pay our guides a set rate while covering whatever expenses that will incur during the trip, NO HIDDEN COSTS.

One client  – B3500 for guiding service plus other expenses
Two clients – B3000 per person for guiding service
Three or more clients – B2500 per person for guiding service
*For followers who don’t wish to fish the price is B1000 per person.


For example a trip to Pilot 111 for two clients would be broken down as follows:

Guidance fee – B3000 x 2 = B6000
Petrol and driving fee (calculated by driving distance) = B2000
Fishing ticket = B500 x 2 = B1000
Total expenses = B9000

* Food and drinks at the fishing park is not included as we would prefer our clients to be able to decide how much they spend on food and drinks : )
** Bonus – for guests who book to fish with us for more than one day we will take you to a tackle shop free of charge.

Possible fishing locations (ticket price per rod) – Fish species:

  • Pilot 111 (B500) – giant snakehead, striped snakehead, spotted featherback, asian redtail catfish, pacu,  chaophraya catfish.
  • IT Lake Monsters (B3500 for lure fishing and B7000 for bait fishing) – arapaima, alligator gar, arowana, giant snakehead, Amazon redtail catfish and pacu.
  • Amazon BKK (B2000) – arapaima, alligator gar, arowana, giant snakehead, Amazon redtail catfish and pacu.
  • Bungsamran (B2000) – Mekong giant catfish, striped catfish, Siamese giant carp, chaophraya catfish.
  • Sakuna (B200)
  • Private Barramundi pond (Approximately B2700 as price changes according to private pond)

To book your trip please send your details to bangkokhooker@gmail.com. Let us know:

  • how many people will be on your trip, including how many will fish and how many will follow
  • the days in which you wish to fish
  • and whether you will have your own gear or not.

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