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Fishing is the process of catching fish. They can be caught in different types of water, be it freshwater bodies, or sea water. However, the biggest ones are caught in the largest bodies of water. There are special techniques involved in catching bigger species. Some of these methods include using nets, setting traps and even gathering the fish by hand. However, we would first, have to attract them to where we intend to catch them. This can be done by releasing some food materials to the area we intend to catch them. This type of food material is known as fishing groundbait.

Ground bait

Fishing groundbait are food materials thrown into the water, to get the fish to come to the tackle. Ground baits are usually a mixture of varieties of food. This can range from bread, manna porridge, corn and its derivatives and fishing pellets etc. These materials are mixed thoroughly together by hand, then some water is added. The purpose of adding water is to dampen and make it stick together. They are then poured into the casting area. The fish would be attracted, as it feels the food in the water almost in miles. This can be repeated for a few days prior to the actual catching day. The idea is to get them together into that zone, so catching them would not be as time-consuming. Bait boat can be used if the zone you want is far from the water

Ingredients of ground bait

Vitalin:  This product is the total package, although you might choose to mix with other products. The preparation is easy, all you need to do is pour hot steaming water into a portion of it, and leave it for at least twelve hours. You should do this a night prior to when you want to go fishing. However, you can also pour some water into it, to let it moisten and use straight away. Be generous when adding water. You can then proceed to pour straight into the water area you want them to gather.

You can add the following materials to the ground bait, to get a better result

Bread: Pieces of bread can be mixed with the ground bait to add to its density. You can use crumbs of both white and brown bread.

Cornmeal: Boil some water, and pour some cornmeal into it. In addition to increasing the density of the bait, it also gives it a cloudy appearance. This attracts them to the zone.

Endeavor not to put in too much quality, because the fish might be too filled to bite the bait. The ground bait is just to draw them to the zone; the next step is actually to catch them. This is done by preparing baits. The traditional bait is the maggot. It is the best bait for catching them.


Maggot is the larval stage of a fly. It contains a large amount of protein, and the wriggling it makes on the hook furthers draw the fish. Maggots can be purchased in stores, and can also be cultivated in the house. They are quite affordable. The materials needed in cultivating maggots are meat, sheets of paper, bran, and containers.

  • Fill up a container with bran.
  • Put the fish on paper, and place in this container.
  • Ensure the container has a cover.
  • Place the container in a place far removed from your house; somewhere quiet.
  • Open the cover of the container slightly, or you could as well make holes on the lid so that flies can have access to the meat.
  • Check the container frequently, look out for white eggs.
  • When you’re satisfied with the number of eggs you have, you should wrap the container, with paper, to prevent flies from entering.
  • However, you should still leave some holes open, too small for flies to get in, but big enough for air to permeate through.
  • Transfer the container to a dry place, so the eggs can hatch to form the larva.
  • Frequently check on the larva (maggots) as they start feeding. Pour more feeds into the container, to ensure it’s sufficient for them.
  • The maggots would stop feeding after about seven days. You’d notice that they are big and fresh.
  • They are now ready you be used as baits, although you’d have to clean them up before use.

Manna porridge and maggots are the best combination for fishing, especially when you add the porridge to your ground bait. It increases its density, making it more visible to them.



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