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After 2 years of draught, it is safe to say that the rains have returned to Thailand and the snakeheads are active again. Most of the snakeheads in the video were caught via Zeezar Frog while one particular jungle barb (not perch, remember?) was caught with a technique I had learn from the owner of Beung Pai Farm . The video was shot in Kaeng Krachan reservoir back in June.




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6 Responses to Snakeheads… and a cow??? (Video)

  1. pete says:

    Good video,i was wondering what a cow has to do with a fishing vid ?! lol but now i know 555 ..i am going to Bangmod rama 2 in september,can you reccomend any good fishing in that area Thanks…sawadee kap.

  2. 增达网 says:


  3. carriagebabyshowerinvitations says:

    > Dodge neons are becoming less and less common with every passing year Isn’t that a good thing? Less deathtraps on the road!

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