Dry season giant snakehead are fun

Dry season giant snakehead are fun

The dry season is here in Thailand. Water levels have dropped significantly in the reservoir, the vegetation in the surrounding areas have turned brown and the sun in excruciatingly hot.


In this time of the year the giant snakeheads get pushed out of the remaining vegetation and into the open areas where techniques like sight-casting work best. I went on a two-day fishing trip to Kaeng Krachan reservoir. Day 1 proved to be fruitless as most of the strikes where either too small or missed. On the second day I managed to catch a small-sized giant snakehead (not more than half a kilo) via the JD Peep toad. While in the later part of the morning I managed to land one via sight-casting a Rapala Ristorap 8cm crankbait.

The conditions weren’t exactly 100% ideal yet. The water levels could drop down a little more as the vegetation where the snakeheads usually hide in are still submerged, meaning that not as many giant snakeheads can be pushed out into the open water.

Anyway, here is the video, enjoy!

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