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One and only kind of houses. Yes! There are actually houses that look like fish. Let us dig through them.

1. National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB)


Fish department that has a fish looking building, awesome! It is located in India. This fish department set up in 2006. The department’s activities are focused on increasing the fish production of the country in order to double the export volume. This department also helps the local people by employing more than 3.5 million! Sustainable it is.




 2. Kinka whale

Unfortunately this whale house is abandoned Marineland. It is located in the south of Kinka Beach, Queensland, Australia, before Emu Park.



3. Cave Dwellings

This 700 hundred-year old- dwellings are located in Iran. Some people are actually living there but of course they have renovated with proper running water. These houses have been preserved to keep the authenticity of the exterior and interior Kanmdovan feel. In a way, it does look like a coral in the ocean.



4. Free Spirit Sphere


It is a hanging sphere! Designed by Tom and Rosy Chudleigh. It is a three house. Imagine there would be something like this in Thailand that we can stay for a few nights after a rough day fishing, afterwards we can camping in a cool tree house! Sweet! According to Lamudi, this sphere can fit 3 people crew, it weighs around 500 kilograms, and it takes one day to install it!



5. Lake Palace

©McKay Savage/Flickr

Again, this place is in India. It was built since 1746 as a summer palace by Maharana Jai Singh II. This palace is situated on a natural foundation of 16,000 m2 rock on the Jag Niwas Island. It is a luxury hotel now. Let’s go to fish there! Stay in the hotel, fish in the hotel. Yes!



6. Crocodile

Another awesome hotel with crocodile exterior of kakadu National Park, Australia. However you have to be up high in the sky to see this shape. Still awesome indeed!







Now, this is the biggest turtle. It is an aquarium building. Located in Kartini Beach, Indonesia. Inside you can see, touch and also interact with the real see turtles!


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