Not too long ago I embarked on a fishing challenge of my own creation called, the Mekong 100. Similar to endurance competitions like the ironman challenge or the Indy500, I wanted to create a fisherman’s equivalent so I did, I created the ultimate fishing in Thailand challenge. The game was simple to understand: catch 100 Mekong giant catfish from Bungsamran fishing park in the span of three days.

There were three simple rules to abide by:

1. I must fight each fish on my own.

2. Fish were measured according to the width of the boards of the fishing pier.

3. I must net each fish on my own with the exception that the fish is longer than seven or more boards.


Considering that each fish averaged out to about 20kgs and there were the occasional 40-50kg plus catfish, this was a challenge that I had both feared and was excited for. It has taken me a little over a week to edit the trip’s video (I’m still not that great at editing but I’m getting better!) and almost three days to upload to Youtube. I don’t want to spoil the results of the trip as it would take away from the ending so here it is below, it is almost 30 minutes long so each day in the video averages out to about 10 minutes.


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2 Responses to Mekong 100: Results [VIDEO]

  1. Doc says:

    Wow!! Great film. In the US we say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. You are tough. I knew the first day when I met you at that very spot that you were a real “fisherman”.
    Keep doing the fun stuff my friend,
    Doc “super glue” Green

  2. Thomas says:

    im partial to 10k myeslf, but any sunlight or full spectrum should look good work well. you have one of the screw in hoods right?? some pets shop and i know walmart carry screw in flourescent bulbs for fish tanks. as for fish your kinda outta luck

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