striped snakehead caught with JD's Custom Bait Peep Toad

striped snakehead caught with JD’s Custom Bait Peep Toad

A while back I really got into the game Skyrim. For those who are unfamiliar it’s a video game where you play as the Dragon Born, a being gifted with the power to learn the magical shouts of the dragons, (in case you’re wondering I made my character a Nord, enchanter/two-hand build with the most epic enchanted Dragon Bone armor ever). Anyway, back to the dragon shout, I decided to incorporate it into this fishing video. Don’t mean to brag but I would like to say I did a pretty good job at imitating the Dragon Born.


This is a short video of the dragon shout and the striped snakehead that was caught on the same day from our last outing “Snakehead fishing at the start of the rainy season” that was published not too long ago. This video isn’t much as there was only two top water hits caught on tape but stay tuned boys and girls. The next few are going to be epic.

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