Mekong 100

Once in a while man needs to push his limits, to see the boundaries of his abilities and push it a littler further. That’s why there are popular endurance events such as marathons and eating competitions, people have a need to exceed. As for myself, as a fisherman in Thailand, I would like to test my own strength and skills by trying to conquer 100 Mekong giant catfish in the span of three days via rod and reel at the world-famous Bungsamran Fishing Park. After spending half a year training with weights and years trying to master my technique, I believe I am quite ready. For those of you who are new to this, a Mekong giant catfish can easily grow over 100kg. On average, a Mekong at Bungsamran starts off at around 18-20kg (approx. 40lbs). and each fight can take anywhere from 5 minutes to about half an hour in the event of a really big one. Trying to catch 100 of them in one day is no simple task, especially when I am doing this alone. My success is definitely not guaranteed and there’s a high chance that I’ll be wrecked before I can finish this challenge but I’ll try my best to either push through to the end or fail hilariously.


The event will┬ábeing tomorrow (Tuesday, the 17th of June) and go until Thursday. I will be live-tweeting the whole thing from start to finish and anyone who is in the area is more than welcome to come and watch it from the central pier of the fishing park. For anyone who’d like to follow this challenge on the internet, I’ll be live-tweeting this under my twitter account (Bangkokhooker) or follow it via other social media via the hashtag: #mekong100.



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4 Responses to The Mekong 100

  1. laurie c says:

    good luck, sounds exhausting…

  2. TC Tay says:

    Its gonna be quite a feat to achieve, good luck and all the very best

  3. tony says:

    Hope you have been eating your wheeties, good luck

  4. Doc says:

    You can do it. Don’t forsee the journey only the finsh line.

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