This is not a perch


It’s a fact, a lot of names for things in Thailand get lost in translation when converted from Thai into English. Take for example “ground bait” in Thai is spelt “รำ” and pronounced “rum” but with popular places like Bungsamran posting it on their website and walls as “lum”, spelling errors like this become solidified and misunderstood.


The same has happened with a fish that we’ve been catching a lot of over the years: the jungle “perch”. It’s official folks, from now on we’re going to refer to the jungle perch as a jungle barb. For the past five years we’ve been giving this fish the wrong classification thanks once again to a lost-in-translation moment. This fish is a barb from the carp family. Giving it a perch classification is putting the fish into a whole different genus that ecompasses the tilapia and barramundi.


The official name for this fish is the hampala barb, and as you may have noticed, trying to say this name quickly in real life would give your face the appearance of a gobbling goldfish (try!). Anyhoo, we’re no longer referring to this fish as a perch and will from now on correctly refer to it as what it is: a barb and since the word “jungle” has already been used to differentiate it from other barbs we’ll just go with “jungle barb”.

So please ignore all past posts and video referring to this fish as “jungle perch” and have a delightful day.

Tight lines!

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3 Responses to It’s jungle barb not jungle perch

  1. TC Tay says:

    Absolutely agree! This is without doubt a barb and its in in no way a perch! Have a great weekend!

    • Isuru says:

      ahh man I don’t want that. (every since I cooked somenhitg from the Monique cook book. He has been scARED TO TRY NEW THINGS THAT i SUGGEST. LOL! Before I could eat my one drum stick he was on his way back into the kitchen to get another piece saying this shit good. LOL As I type right now my kids are coming downstairs to get another piece. LOL. It is 12:21am. LOL. Thank you so much for sharing your families receipts. Next up, drinks for my friend tomorrow. She is going through somenhitg so I told her about your site and that will make the blackberry drink. I will let you know how it turns out.LOl

  2. Jokke says:

    Looks completely like a member of the Cypridae/carp family aswell and not like a perch/predator like species. All the farang-owned fisheries and paylakes name them Hampala aswell. Nice specimen you got there anyway. Im into catch and release all the way but people told me they are a proper meal.

    Nice to see you got the old blog roll going again Oz!

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