Yes I have to give to you, the name does sound like some strange table-top dance that involves inappropriate images flashing through your face. I have to give credit to my buddy Kevin Lee for inspiring this. It is a knot that has been designed to withstand the sharp line-ripping teeth of the snakehead all while not having to rely on any leader line.

It’s a knot that allows for a simple 50lb braided line to have the strength and abrasion resistance of a 200lb line.


This is how the Bangkokhooker Twist is done:


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3 Responses to A new knot: the Bangkokhooker Twist

  1. David M says:

    An interesting way of tying a knot as an alternative to using a braid to nylon trace. As a barramundi fisherman in Australia, I am interested in utilising the Bangkokhooker trace on barra.

    My only concern is with having 2 knots in the trace, is this likely to cause a broken line at the knot?

  2. Warren says:

    Dave…the spider hitch retains roughly 40-60 % of breaking strain in braided lines and the granny is tied on the twisted section so if you are running a heavier braid you shouldn’t have any issues there. I’d be more concerned that the twisted section of knot was not long enough to give you protection from a barra’s gill rakers.

    A big barra might be what ? 100 mm from mouth to rakers so you’d need to tie the knot to give you adequate length to accommodate that. Oz also mentions the added protection of the Snakeheads teeth sliding between the twists of braid. That ain’t going to work with a barra’s gill rakers.

    The guys fish for Barra over there a lot (Sea Bass) so maybe someone will put it to the test if it hasn’t already been done.


  3. Gene says:

    Do you know a good place to catch the giant snake head

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