Forum Update March 2013

Happy March folks!

The forum has been seeing some good activity as per usual! New posts and new members continually make our little community of fishermen grow constantly and we would like to thank you all for being a part of this.

We have also created a new forum section back in January dedicated to answering general questions about fishing in Thailand that don’t particularly fit into any of the other sub-categories like, “which fishing park is close to a muay Thai gym” as asked by one of our members.

For any of the more veteran Hooker Forum members, please feel free to give our new members a warm welcome!


Here are some notable forum hightlights:

Alternatives to BSR - With the world-famous fishing park jacking up their foreigner prices, member discuss other places to go.

Trip to Amazon BKK 2 – dereksnr gives us a short report on his fishing trip to the arapaima pond.

Pilot 111 fly fishing – duckbill goes to catch some snakeheads at Pilot 111.

My latest catch - zypphodb shares his catch report including carps and tilapia.

My biggest fish yet in Thailand- zypphodb catches an unusual looking catfish.

Finally success! – jack2964 finally gets a fish in the wild after many attempts!

Screamer Lake Trout - MuskieBait from Toronto shares with us his catches from the otherside of the world!


Keep the fishing reports coming folks!


New member introductions

Steve from UK originally

Ten from BKK


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