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I must say, growing in the 21st Century, I am inclined to being a man of science and logic. The age of mysticism is increasingly dying out as information becomes more readily available thanks to the internet. However, despite the loss of mysticism, one thing will continue to remain true: fishermen will always find some silly excuse to be superstitious one way or another to improve their fishing odds. Some people pray to God, some people don’t bring bananas with them onto boats (Alex), some people never wash their lucky hat (Doc) and some people go eat fried chicken.

Here is a video of my most recent fishing trip and I’ve decided to show you all what my superstition is. Enjoy!



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4 Responses to Fishermen and our silly superstitions [HD Video]

  1. TonyBee says:

    Banannas on boats seems to be a world wide issuie, here in Australia banannas on a boat means risking getting thrown overboard. As a clear thinking level headed person myself, i no this is not to be true, the real problem is apples.
    Of course i am joking, but it is funny what differant people do / think when trying to catch a fish. I have friends with lucky fishing shirtrs or shorts, you can smell these mad keen fisherpeople a mile away. When i was young fishing of a bridge and catching nothing, an old guy told me to stick my tounge out the side of my mouth and my luck would change, well flippen heck, he was right, all of a sudden i was catching red fin. (another of lifes miricales)
    If the fish are not biting all is not lost, because as “they” say, a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work 😉

  2. Doc says:

    What a great video. I think it is your best. All elements, fun, fish, food, and pagan worship, what else could you ask for.

  3. jack2964 says:

    Another winner Oz. Well done. Just a few days back I had bananas on board and luckily there wasn’t anyone else with me to chuck me overboard and yes I did catch fish.

  4. Khang says:

    We saw you today at the Pilot ponds
    I was with my son and we got 3 SNH.
    Their strength were not to what we expected , probably the pond is sallow.
    You casting skill is great,
    I gave up my mine after few terrible attempt with string tangling mass.

    See you there someday.
    BTW I m kang, my son is Terence.

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