Forum January

Good day folks and once again Happy New Year! The forum’s been getting real busy as of late with many new members and interesting posts to read! From now on, every first Friday of the month will have our forum update so stay tuned!


Some forum posts to enjoy:


The rum scam - learn more about it to keep your money safe!

Leader lines and snakeheads - Are they necessary? Do they help?

Getting around Thailand with rented transport - How to pick a good taxi. How to get around to fishing locations in Thailand and not get ripped off.

To clip or not to clip? – Andy starts a discussion about whether quick clips (aka snap links) are helpful or not.

Name that fish – Andy needs help identifying a fish.

About Chado fries and juveniles – jack2964 starts a discussion about giant snakehead fry.

Can’t even catch a single fish! – jack2964 is in North Eastern Thailand and needs guidance on how to lure fish for the local species.

Fishing together in Bangkok? – Kevin from Malaysia is looking for someone to fish with at BSR.

Barramundi and snakehead fishing in Isan – David1 is new to fishing in Isan, anyone in the area want to help him out?


New members introducing themselves:



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