February Update


Happy February! I hope you’re all having a good time catching plenty of fish. The forum has had some fun activity as per usual. Here are some select posts:


Inquiries about JJ Fishing Park and Sakuna Fishing park- New member ianm wants some information about these fishing parks.

First time to BSR – ianm wants to have someone to fish with in BSR.

Fly fishing at Pilot – Tap shares photos and videos of his fly fishing visit to Pilot 111.

Florida snakehead and more! – MuskieBait shares a four-part story about his adventures fishing in Florida.

Sirindhorn Dam Fishing – bha1986 wants some information for Sirindhorn dam.

Srinakarin Dam Info – DavyMc wants to know more about fishing in the Srinakarin dam.

My biggest fish yet in Thailand – User zypphodb shares photos of his biggest catch in Thailand yet.

Crazy bloody fishing technique – Nige shares with us some of his “bloody” creativity.


New members introducing themselves













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