Giant snakehead parent head-butts lure

This last Thursday was my birthday and I decided that the single best thing one should do on their birthday is to do what they love or… maybe it was just another excuse for me to disappear from the city and go do some fishing a Bang Prah reservoir. The water levels were as high as the last visit. Heavy water vegetation was everywhere meaning two things: (1) there were more places for fish to ambush and (2) should a fish bite you’re looking at some fast-paced intense fighting.

While we were out on the reservoir we were surprised at something, tiny giant snakehead fry were all over the place! However this didn’t seem to be that great of a news. A found about five schools of fry, all with guppies no bigger than 3cm in length but due to the heavy cover and the prevalence of seagulls in the area, fry that small usually would escape into the vegetation following any potential threat. Once they get a little bigger their parents will lead them out of the cover a little more. Sometimes you may get lucky and get a parent that is willing to strike immediately but then you will have to worry about the fish bringing the fight into the weeds, hence the need for tough braided line, a stiff rod and a powerful reel. I had all that but it just wasn’t my day. The fry were too small and the parents were too cautious to bite. Even small little 8cm minnow lures were scaring them into the weeds. One parent kept head-butting my rubber frog a total of three times before disappearing.

I’m not much of a believer in the superstition but ┬áthe Thai fishermen like to say that fishing on your birthday can’t be successful due to it producing negative karma. It’s an expected thing to say in a Buddhist country like Thailand but usually rebute with: any day spent doing something you love is considered successful, regardless of the outcome. At the end of the day I treated myself to a big unhealthy meal at McDonald’s with what is apparently known as a Mc Surf n Turf deluxe, the bastard child of a double cheese burger and a filet ‘o fish sandwich or as Doc would call it, “a friggin’ heart attack”.

So my day was spent with some friends pursuing snakeheads and a ridiculously big-ass burger that contained both fish and beef. Can’t complain, it was awesome.


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2 Responses to How a city dwelling fisherman spends his birthday [video]

  1. Doc says:

    Happy Birthday and I wish you many more BUT if you keep eating that “frigging” crap I am afraid you may not. Anyway fun video even if it is at Mickey D’s.
    The Buddhist were right and your Karma was saved by you not getting a fish.
    Tight lines.

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