Bait making at Bungsamran

There are many bait recipes for fishing at Bungsamran and other ponds that stock Mekong giant catfish. The moment you walk in to one of these fishing parks, there is usually variety of ingredients to buy in order to make these baits. Green flavouring, red flavouring, butterscotch flavouring, coconut shavings, powdered flavouring and so on. I have discovered that the real secret in getting a Mekong giant catfish to bite is about three things: (1) what depth they are eating at, (2) the bait making process.

Today I’ll tell you about (2) and (3).


The bait making process

The bait should be a very simple combination of the pond water and the granulated rice husks they have for sale ¬†at BSR. It’s what they feed the fish with; it’s what they are most comfortable eating on a daily basis so forget all the other additives and flavourings. Pond water and rice husk, that’s it. It’s not what you mix in but it’s the consistency and the process of forming the bait into a ball around the coil feeder. The next part is quite difficult to explain in words so it is best to just watch the video:


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