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Story submitted by Alexwest79
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Bangprah used to be my go-to place for some natural scenario fishing, being a reservoir with a good variety of fish.  However, the last three trips there (dating back since last year though) has been utterly disappointing. On some days there wouldn’t be as much as a chase of the lures!  But last Saturday (21st of July 2012), things turned for the better and my curse was finally lifted!


I arrived at my usual time, 6:00am, the weather was already on my side; no rain, cloudy and no wind to start with.  But, due to the lack of consistent rainfall as of late, the water itself has accumulated so much algae that it appears green… and along with it a the usual foul smell that comes with it.  The water has receded somewhat, but it looked mostly like a water-wasteland.  Dead trees, branches everywhere, where you would expect chados and chons to hang out….but nothing.  The whole morning was more like a casting exercise.

At around 10:00am, the boat guy suggested to try some of the water pools which were scattered around when the water receded, trapping some fish in there.  We had to go through some jungle to reach it but it was well hidden and the water was very clear.  In fact, the first try with a ‘jumping frog lure’, the fish came right up to have close look at it, but realized that there was something amiss…clear water can be of disadvantage sometimes.  Switched to rubber frog and waited until Chon came to surface and cast in that direction….and then….HIT!  Good one!


The boatman didn’t take good photos so Alex brought his catches home to photograph (and eat of course). Pictured: Striped snakehead.


After that, hunger stuck (me).  We headed back to shore for food…also, the wind picked up.  In the afternoon, we went to the other side of the reservoir to try my luck.  Clearer water, where the algae had not settled, there were several signs of fish gulping for air (“jib”)…Rapala Risto Rap it is!  Good call!  Lost a few in the fight, but nailed a few as well Cool :


Alex holding up a lovely-sized jungle perch

Two more jungle perches.

Final head-count: 1 x Chon and 3 x jungle perches … all using the ‘jibbing’ method (sight-casting for surfacing fishing).  Apologies for not having pics from the scene or any of the fights, but the boat guy was not very familiar with cameras Frown…so the pics turned out pretty crappy.  These pics were taken back at home.

Conclusion: Bangprah is back on my map! They told me that after a bit more rain, even the Chados will be more active again and mate, meaning that fry season is still coming up.

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3 Responses to Bang Prah Curse Lifted!

  1. Doc says:

    I knew you could do it even though you are a lousy arm wrestler.

  2. Alex West says:

    Yay, a comment! How r ‘ya doing Doc? Been a while! Lousy arm wrestler?!?! Get back here and say that straight to my arm! HAHA!

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