I’ve been getting some requests to add more Thai fishing words, terms and slangs so I’ve been compiling a new list to help you all out. Today I will be focusing on words that relate to no fishing so that newcomers to fishing in Thailand can avoid trouble with the authorities or hostile land/pond owners.


Khed apayatarn (เขตอภัยทาน) – Temple holy area, no fishing zone. This is where Buddhists release fish into the water for good karma, in hope that it will improve their overall merit somehow. It would be blasphemous to fish in this area and if you get caught  you must prepare for some bad karma (if you believe in it) or more likey the wrath of the locals and monks who probably know muay Thai or something lethal like that.

Harm tok/jap plaa (ห้าม จับ/ตก ปลา) – Literally says “no fishing”. It is common to find signs with these written in public parks and places where fish are abundant but inconveniently living in government/private property.

Khed huang harm (เขคหวงห้าม) – “Restricted area”. Don’t go there.

Harm buk rook (ห้ามบุกรุก) – “No trespassing”. Once again, another that says, “don’t go there”.

Peun tee suan book khon (พื้นที่ส่วนบุคคล) – “Private property”. Invade this and it gets personal, and getting personal with a potential gun owner is never a smart idea.


That’s it for today! There will be more to come!



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