Hello again fellow Hookers. It’s been a while and I am sorry for the absence. I’ve been away on holiday in Beijing for some time and just got back a few days ago. While I was there I came to a realisation that will benefit all who wish to fish in Thailand: it sucks to not know the local language. To be in a foreign land where you don’t know how to communicate, that really made me realise how hard it is for some of you expats and tourists to get around in Thailand. I only managed to get around China by taking photos of place names in Chinese and showing it to the taxi driver. With that I came up with the idea that I needed to do the same with some of the fishing locations I already have posted on this website. So with that in mind and my newfound ability to touch-type in Thai (YES!!!), I have meticulously called up some of the most popular fishing ponds and written down all their directions in Thai for you all to show to your taxi drivers.

So far I have done: Amazon BKK, Amazon BKK 2, Bor Num, Bungsamran, IT Lake Monsters, Pilot 111 and Sakuna but there will be more for both tackle shops and store locations upon your requests and my availability.

That’s all for now as it’s taken me some time to write that all up and I need to go and get the stuff ready for tonight’s massive fishing sale at GameFish Shop. If anyone is around, please feel free to come and check out this sale, it’s full of stock clearance and awesome second-hand gear for all.

Anyway, as per usual, enjoy fishing in Thailand. I hope you like the directions.

PS. Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand can be accessed in China! Woohoo!

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