I love chicken nuggets. Say what you want about mechanically separated meat but that is some TASTY SH**! Of course, if I were given the choice of eating from a fast food place or having the nuggets made with real meat in my kitchen I would always have to pick the latter. This beer-battered nugget recipe is something I have developed for fish such as the striped snakehead after watching some cooking shows including Heston Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection including a selection of random shows on Youtube. This dish combines the fragrance of beer batter with the crispiness that is found in tempura batter while sealing the juiciness of the fish within. It’s a wonderful dish for having with a cold tasty beverage, like beer or something along those lines. Enjoy the recipe!



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2 Responses to Beer-Battered Fish Nuggets Recipe [Video]

  1. KevinL says:

    Another fantastic recipe from Mr Bangkokhooker’s cookbook.

    Hahahaha…i like Grandma Oz’s cameo appearance 🙂

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