Good news, John of and I have recently had a fishing reunion after a two-year hiatus. John had been busy building a robot for his company for the last two years (seriously) and has finally finished and resumed a (sort-of) regular schedule again, meaning that we can go fishing like the old days again.

We went to hit up Kaeng Krajan reservoir some good old fashioned topwater fishing using the Lucky Frog lures. We made tons of videos using the hand-held as well as the chest cam. It was after our trip did John notice something pretty awesome about the chest cam: it picked up the sound of my heart! With a powerful subwoofer or any good old earphones you can hear my heart rate change as I get the hookset, fight the fish and land the fish. It’s quite interesting to say the least. I’ve edited the video to enhance the sound of the heart beat while softening other ambient sounds. Here is the video:


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4 Responses to A Fisherman’s Heartbeat [HD Video]

  1. Doc says:

    See I told everyone you had a heart and no one believed me.

  2. KevinL says:

    Kaeng Krajan’s striped snakeheads seem to be quite responsive to lures aren’t they.
    How about the Giant Snakeheads, as good?
    Once again,great video bro.

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