Fishing with Team Bang Luang Fishing, what an honor!

It’s always good to make friends when out fishing.

After the King of Frog and Texas 2012 event not too long ago, I kept in touch with the nice people of Team Bang Luang Fishing. After meeting them at the beginning of the tournament they went on and destroyed the Frog lure category by taking home four trophies in said category. So when they gave me a call to invite me to go and do some frog fishing with them, I quickly dropped all my plans an said “oh yes please!”


Motorcycle diaries, plaa chon fishing edition.

Khun Nut, the owner of the Bang Luang Fishing tackle shop organised for us to meet at her shop at 8am in the morning. Fishing today was myself, Jed, Top, Ood and Num. When we had all arrived we packed our gear into smaller boxes and got onto some small motorbikes and were on our way to do some fishing.

There’s an old saying here in Thailand that goes like this, “nai naa mee kao, nai nam mee plaa“(ในน้ำมีปลาในนามีข้าว) which literally translates to “in the water there is fish and in the water there is rice”. It was a royal motto that originated from around the 13th Century stressing the importance of abundance of produce. Of course, for us fishermen, we know that our plaa chons are capable of living in BOTH the water AND the rice fields. With their ability to survive in waters with low-levels of oxygen they spread through the rice fields, canals and swamps.

For us fishermen on motorbikes, our mission was to be able to determine which bodies of water would yield good plaa chon fishing and that usually translates to just about any body of water that isn’t completely and utterly polluted to the point where captain planet would have brain aneurysm. With the bikes, it was easy to weave into little sois and paths that cars usually couldn’t get to. Parking was also another advantage as we could stop and be fishing in a spot within seconds of arriving to our destination.

We stopped by several places on the little motorbikes fishing wherever we could. We had so much fun doing this we didn’t even realise that we had crossed the provincial border and gone all the way into Ayutthaya province!


Another stupidly hot day fishing and the ride home

With the draught season approaching in full force I had another one of those days where I did nothing but drink water all day and not have a single visit to the washroom. Who needs to pee when you’re sweating it all off? The fishing was fantastic but being a little out of practice, sleep deprived and dehydrated I kept messing up my hook sets. Finally after a whole day of messing up I caught the smallest fish of the day. The others were more impressed by how i managed to catch such a small fish with such a large topwater frog. Mad skills in the fail department, I guess. Haha.

In total we caught about seven plaa chons. Top, funny enough, was the top scorer of the day with about three or four.

The ride home was by far the toughest part of the day. Ayutthaya to Pathum Thani isn’t the further distance but on a small motorbike going at 100km/hr while carrying fishing rods and a back pack full of gear was not exactly what I’d like to call a pleasurable experience. Waking up next to a beautiful woman (or women) making you breakfast while wearing nothing but your t-shirt is a pleasurable experience, trying to balance two fishing rods in your hands while getting rocks flying into your face in dangerous Thailand traffic is, unfortunately, not.

But still, danger factor aside, this was a totally awesome experience and is strangely enough convincing me to invest in a small motorbike myself but I’d probably invent some sort of rod-holding device to go with it first.

Thank you Team Bang Luang Fishing for a fun day! Let’s fish again soon!


Here are the pictures I took that day. Click on a thumbnail to enter the gallery. Use the arrow keys to navigate and press ESC or click on the photo to exit.


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9 Responses to Wild Striped Snakehead Fishing With Team Bang Luang Fishing

  1. Kevin says:

    Oz…pic 27 is not a makeshift foam boat! 😀 haha

    Perfect locations, new experience, good fishing and new found friends…I’d call that a superb combination!

    I see you’ve trimmed the skirts. That’s the exact same color I lost remember?! Bloody good action and effective frog if you ask me 🙂

    Is the size smaller or similar compared to the green one? I it comes in 3 different sizes.

  2. ThatPhanomCasting says:

    I like this kind of “adventure fishing experience”, riding motorbike looking for random snakeheads fishing places 😉
    When driving motorbike alone with my light fishing gear, the best way to carry it for me is to put the rod handle on the motorbike left handle (thanks to no manual clutch on Thai 110cc bikes) and maintain the rod in position on my left shoulder 🙂

  3. Thanh says:

    I recognize many areas you are fishing. I think the water from Banpa-in to Ayutthaya along the freeway is better because I have not seen that they net and on the back roads where there is any water they net pretty often. The waters next to Asia road in front of high tech estate has produced some very large snakeheads. Nice adventure.

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