Tap caught this beauty using a rubber shad.

There’s been a lot of talk about the second Amazon BKK and I’ve had some of you guys messaging me asking for the pond’s details. Thanks to the floods and a busy schedule I found it hard to make my way there but now that a lot of things have settled down I’ve finally made time and organised a group to go fishing with me via the forum in the “Organise a fishing trip” section. If you haven’t already checked it out, please do. It’s been a super helpful tool for me and other fishermen who need to plan trips on a budget and the more people joining that, the easier it would be for me to find new places to share with you all.

Anyway, back to Amazon BKK 2. The new pond is 10-rai (about 4 acres) and is situated in Nakhon Pathom. I’ve added a page with its info and location for anyone that wants to give it a go.

As for us, we all managed to catch something but the team of Japanese fishermen who were regulars there pretty much decimated us by catching an Amazonian species every 20 minutes. Apparently they were regulars there and know every trick they needed to kick our asses.

We’ll be back for sure, this time with even more toys to entice the fish!

At the bottom I’ve compiled some of my photos from yesterday’s trip. If anyone who came with me yesterday wants to add some photos to the gallery, please feel free to add it to the forum here.

Here is the gallery. Click on a picture and scroll through with the arrow keys. Press ESC when you wish to exit the gallery.

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9 Responses to Checking Out Amazon BKK 2

  1. joe says:

    lure fishing?? looks great… maybe we need to hit this place up next time… 😀

  2. bwiriady says:

    Nice write up and pics Oz. BTW which fish break your rod ?

  3. peter lyons says:

    a great report on a new venue. looks like only the ariprama,s were feeding. no redtails??
    i am planning atrip there at the end on april and would appreciate any “tips” on the fishing, lures,flies,reteive speed, depth on fishing ect.
    again thanks

  4. Arthur says:

    I just know that Dechophan got his monster on a red and silver lure, and we had good results in general with green lures. I landed 3 on green.

  5. KevinL says:

    Looks like Amazon BKK 2 has a healthy population of Arapaimas. Great field report guys. Thanks!

  6. crystallinesheen says:

    Whoo-ee! Nothing like seeing some nice arapaima to brighten up my day. Looks like ya’ll had a great time catchin’ them as well.

  7. ramon says:

    Soy apasionado de la pesca y soy de barcelona.
    Estare en tailandia una semana.
    Me gustaria pescar 4 dias.
    Que parques me aconsejarias?
    Muchas gracias

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