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Patrick Sebile - photo source: www.wired2fish.com

Voted by Outdoor Life Magazine as one of the 20 best anglers of all time, Patrick Sebile (born on the 13th of October 1964) has (as of 2006) landed over 600 different species of fish has registered them into the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA). In 2003, he was voted by IGFA as the best saltwater angler in the world by being the man to break the most records in one year.

At his peak, he has spent at total of 317 days of an entire year fishing. He has written at least seven books on the subject, runs a fishing tour company and is the creator of some of the most innovative lures you can find.


Sebile Product Introduction at Pilot 111, 15th of February 2012

Bangkokhooker Meets Pure Fishing

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to the GM of Pure Fishing Thailand, Prakasit Poonapirat (known as “pee Pom”) at the Sebile product demonstration. Unfortunately Mr. Sebile himself was touring Africa and couldn’t make it that day.

Invited to the event were several Thai fishing magazines as well as Friend Fishing magazine and Water World magazine.

The morning started out with a demonstration of the lures, followed by lunch and a fishing competition for barramundi and giant snakehead using the Sebile lures. The winner was decided by the biggest fish in either category.

Two fishermen testing our the lures.

Winners of the tournament were awarded the jumbo-sized Sebile Magic Swimmer.


Sebile Lures

A selection of lures for the press in the afternoon tournament.

The lures made under his name are like the Picasso creations of lure fishing. Innovative and different from the rest of the bunch, Sebile lures are your prime examples of lures that were conceptualised via “thinking outside the box”.

Take for example a lipless vibration crankbait that suspends in the water at six inches in depth when neutral, or a buzzbait that can float on the surface and be popped back like a popper, or a soft weight system designed to be laced on various parts of a J-hook when fishing soft plastics to change the way they swim. These lures are really something else.


Some notable lures from the test

Khun Pom holding the Proppler Buzz in his right hand and the Slim Stick in his left

Below are some of the more interesting selections of lures from the test:

Bonga Jerk

Bong Jerk – Photo credit: sebile.com.au

This lipless jerkbait utilises what they call the Power Keel Technology, which is their fancy way of saying “we added a nice long fin at the bottom of the lure”. The PKT increases the lures¬†aqua-dynamic quality allowing for a smooth and quicker retrieve of the lure for those predators that enjoy a good chase. The lure swims with a slight twitch to entice the bites of fast-chasing predators.



The Splasher got the attention of this barramundi.

With a strangely wide and flat mouth, this surface popper creates different types of sounds according to the jerk speed. A soft quick jerk creates a cute little “pop” sound on the water’s surface while a heavy yank creates the kind of splash a big predator would make when chomping down little surface prey. During the test, the splasher managed to entice several barramundis to hit the lure.


Proppler Buzz

Proppler Buzz - photo credit: de.sebile.com

This is the floating buzzbait I was talking about earlier. In place of the metallic blades seen on traditional buzzbaits we have a propeller that is a round mouse-liked plastic cone filled with noisy beads instead. When retrieved the Proppler Buzz makes a similar to the sound of blowing bubbles through a straw in a glass of water. Unlike any other buzzbait the PB can be stopped during its retrieve and can be jerked or popped back. As a giant snakehead fisherman, I see a lot of potential in this lure and even more potential when one of the demonstrators landed one with the PB.


Slim Stick

Slim Stick - photo credit: basstackledepot.com

This small snake-like lure is designed for calm days where finesse topwater fishing is key. The ball bearings within allow for a subtle rattling sound when retrieved. Another thing I really like about this lure is how the ball bearings keep the lure upright when kept stationary, keeping the majority of the lure submerged and tempting for fish to see. Retrieving the lure in intervals creates a wide walk the dog action while a steady retrieve creates a gentle slithering motion.


Flat Shad SU

Flat shad: photo credit - basstackledepot.com

The suspending Flat Shad is a lipless jerkbait that doesn’t float or sink lower than six inches in depth. This new and improved version has a much more aggressive vibration that rattles away in the water. I caught several giant snakeheads using this lure.


After the product demonstration it’s pretty clear that the lures of Patrick Sebile are capable of giving the local species a run for their money. My personal favourite from the day was easily the Proppler Buzz, being the giant snakehead junkie that I am it’s hard to not picture this working well at the reservoirs.

From what we were told, most of these lures would be retailing at B200-300 in major fishing lure retailers.

Thank you Pure Fishing Thailand for the fun day! We look forward to what else you will bring into Thailand in the future!

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