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Today, we at Bangkokhooker’s Fishing had the privilege to participate in our first ever fishing competition: the King of Frog and Texas 2012.

Located in the fish farm areas of Bang Pakong, near Bornum, this five-pond fish farm was rented out by some organisers to host the competition.

Today’s roster representing Team Bangkokhooker was Marcus, Sebastiaan, our new member Tap and myself (Oz). We had decided to arrive early to avoid getting lost and to be able to scope out the location before the event started. We arrived a little after 7am. The competition began a little past 9am, after all the teams had registered themselves. The registration lady, who’s English skills were to be highly desired, registered us as team Bangkok Google (HOW?!). Sebastiaan who had drawn the short straw and had to go solo (teams could only come in threes). He was renamed by the lady as Tarattia, somehow even though I carefully pronounced his name in the thickest of all Thai accents (“Sey-baat-diaan”).

Being the only white guys at the competition, many of the fishermen there were getting their photos taken with Seb and Marcus. They were like our very own circus attractions! I guess not too many non-Thai ever enter these snakehead competitions.

The competition rules were as follows:

  • During the competition time, fishermen must catch as many fish as they can with lures.
  • The lures are divided into three different categories: soft-plastics (called Texas rigs here), topwater frogs and “others”.
  • Fish that are caught that looked larger than 1kg can be submitted into the heaviest weight category.
  • There is one prize for the person who manages to land the smallest fish of the day too.

We started off strong in the first part of the morning. Both Marcus and Seb, who had decided to focus on the frog lures, each landed some handsome-looking striped snakeheads.

I, on the other hand, landed a small striped-snakehead by around 11am while missing several bites on the Texas rig. When a fish was caught, the competitor must raise his/her hand to signal the judges to come tally off the score. After the rest of the hot sunny day went by, we caught nothing more. Several teams completely skunked out while the more veteran teams boasted high numbers of 10-16 striped snakeheads per team.

One guy who had been champion for the past few years finished the day with around 9 striped snakeheads to himself. He was a member of Team Mr. Shark, a fishing team that enters in almost every snakehead type competition.

The largest striped snakehead of the day was caught on a topwater frog weighing in at 1.26kg. The fisherman responsible for the trophy catch of the day caught his fish in the morning and then caught nothing else all day. The smallest fish caught weighed in at 112g.

The top performers of the day was Team Mr. Shark and Team Bang Luang Fishing.

It was a tough and extremely hot day but we pulled through, made some new friends and managed to not come last and considering that it was our first competition ever we were pretty happy! We’ll keep on doing this as competitions are fun and if anyone wishes to join our team to have a good time feel free to introduce yourself to our little community in the forum.

Anyway, here are some pictures!

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4 Responses to King of Frog And Texas 2012 – Our First Fishing Competition

  1. Nice write up Oz, it was a great day out, if a little weird being asked to pose for so many photo’s despite only catching one mid-sized fish!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      Haha, I was just on the phone to one of the organisers just now and they were actually considering to appoint you as the trophy giver so that the photos would turn out more interesting hahaha!!!

  2. Alex West says:

    Congrats to Bkk-Google team!? HAHA! Hope you could observe some of the techniques from the Mr. Shark and Bang Luang Team.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hahahaha….Bangkok Google!Gotta love the registration lady to bits :D Glad you guys had fun!

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