It’s been a little over two weeks since its creation and you guys have been seriously contributing as the post totals have reached over 300! That and we’ve also got ourselves our first “Veteran Hooker” poster with JosCarp! Congrats Jos and hope you enjoy your free T-shirt!

JosCarp wins a BKK HKR Shirt! Only four to go!

Here are some other very notable highlights of the forum


From the Fishing Report section:


New user Tap posts his bass and salmon photos

Andy and JosCarp both posted pictures of their Well's giant catfish

"The most beautiful fish I've ever caught" JosCarp


Other Highlights:

A discussion started about simple gear that can improve your fishing experience (plus toilet humor)

The hunt for great Thai restaurants of Bangkok continues.

Bangkok’s best Italian restaurants.

Jos writes his review of Pattaya Predator Park.

Andy writes his review of Bueng Paklak

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