It's not trespassing if the place is abandoned!

Currently, I am in my family home in Kuala Lumpur on my annual trip to visit the family. Luckily this year I’m here during the Chinese New Year period so I’ve been eating much more food that necessary. We at Bangkokhooker’s Fishing in Thailand have also been busy creating the forum so that fishermen in Thailand as well as those visiting Thailand can share their expertise, stories and even try to plan affordable fishing trips together. Please go check it out at, we’d really appreciate your input and your feedbacks.

This time round I had the pleasure of meeting one of my long-time readers, Kevin. Together we went to check out a few of the many abandoned tin mines of Malaysia, which, over time have filled up with both rainwater and snakeheads. This happened just last Saturday, January 21, 2012. Our target was both the striped snakehead as well as the giant snakehead.

The mines were beautiful. Trees, grass and water vegetation have grown over leaving the place looking scenic. It’s too bad that the only snakeheads that were biting were too small to hit the hook of our frog lures properly. Either way, that didn’t stop us from having a good time and hopefully we’d be back there once more sometime before I return to Bangkok on this coming January 30, 2012.

Thanks Kevin! Let’s get back there with a vengeance!

Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous year!


Bring on a new day!

Sunrises are always worth waking up early for.

One of the many emptied mines through the fence.

Kevin leading us to the mines.

Knee deep in the brush.

Casting into the sun.

Today some of these tin mines have become sand mines. Sandpits + rainwater = crystal clear pools.

The day ended with no fish. We headed back to the city to plan our next trip. Thanks for reading!


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5 Responses to The Tin Mines And Happy Year Of The Dragon!

  1. Diana Foo says:

    Years ago in our much younger days, my eldest brother, Leong, schemed on making a raft out of my mother’s firewood so that we could ‘sail’ on one of these abandoned tin mines. Michael made a detailed plan and assigned duties to my two other brothers, Jiao and Kin, and myself. I stole the firewood from the kitchen and passed it through the back door to Jiao and Kin. Leong ‘borrowed’ the hammer and some nails… and off we went to the tin mine and built our raft. After much hammering, we did make our raft and test it on the waters of the tin mine…. it floated…:)) We got so excited and jumped onto it altogether… guess what… it sank immediately as altogether we weighed more than 100 kg. Of course, I was the one who got most wet as I did not have the reflexes of the boys… got home and was questioned in great detail as to how I got so wet by our mother… told her the full story… father got home later… mother reported… pity ‘child abuse’ was unheard of then…:(((

  2. Doc says:

    There are no bad fishing trips. The pictures are great. Today I go to Wacissa Springs. It is all natural and no one has commericalized it. The water is as clear as the air and there are fish, although hard to catch due to the clear water. Google it up.

  3. Alex West says:

    It’s just one of those days…again…*sigh* But the scenery is awesome! Better luck on your next trip to the mines.

  4. Kevin says:

    Fishing with great company, what more can I ask for? :)

    Though no trophy fish was landed, we still managed to get a couple of good strikes and lost some decent sized striped and giant snakeheads. It would have been THE perfect way to kick start the Year of the Water Dragon if you had landed the momma striped snakehead Oz. Oh well, you can’t win em’ all can you?

    Fishing with you has been a great experience. You are truly a dedicated angler, especially to the finer arts of snakehead fishing. Listening to your theories about the snakeheads and seeing it happen before my eyes has made me change my perspective of snakehead fishing in many ways.

    Once again, it was a blast fishing with you Oz and you are always welcome at my playground!

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