Dear all,

we at Bangkokhooker have grown to a point where we’ve become a little community of fishermen with a love for fishing in Thailand and frankly, it’s been a pleasure to have made friends with all of you along the way. To celebrate our growth we’ve created a new forum. It is still in its beta stages but it it already has some pretty good features that I’d like to share with you.


Share fishing stories and photos

Let the world know about what you’ve caught here. Upload photos, tell everyone about your adventures.


Use the forum to organise a fishing trip to save money

Fishing in Thailand can get expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you have to pay for things like petrol and accommodation all by yourself. This is especially true when it comes to deep sea fishing trips that can be anywhere from B15000 and up per trip. Just post about a possible future fishing to anywhere and see who’s available to join.


Get in touch with the local competitions and fishing news

Fishing competitions are quite common in Thailand but the problem is that most of them are posted in the wrong language. Here at Bangkokhoker Fishing we’ll try our best to update you with information regarding competitions and fishing park updates.


Share your favourite fishing parks to the community

There are so many fishing parks in Thailand that it is pretty impossible to go check them all out. If you have a favourite place you’d like to share or promote, feel free to drop some information on how to get there and get in contact with the fishing park owners.


How to upload photos onto the forum

Photos of up to 200KB can be uploaded onto the forum via the uploader. Follow these illustrated steps to make life easier!

Step 1 - Click the image upload icon.


Step 2 - You may add photo via url or via uploading. Click on the icon to upload photo from your hard drive to the forum.


Step 3 - Click "Browse" to locate your file from your computer.


Step 4 - Once the file has been selected, click on the "Upload" button. Wait for the file to be uploaded. (An indicator in the form of a green bar will show that the upload has completed.) Once that is done, click on "Browse" on the top right (not the bottom one, I know confusing).


Step 5 - In the "browse" tabe, the photo has been uploaded now click on the photo that you have just uploaded.


Step 6 - Almost done! After clicking on the picture you'll be back here. Click "Insert".


Step 7 - Done!


Okay, I hope that clears up some things. If there are any problems at all please let us know so that we can fix it as possible.


Best regards,

Oz Bangkokhooker.

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