Four-of-a-kind beats Full House

I was out of town for the past two weeks so I guess I didn’t get the memo but apparently Pilot 111 had drained out two of their main barramundi ponds to replace the fish with fresh stock. As a result, when I showed up with Alex and Marcus yesterday (Saturday the 17th of December 2011) there were only three other fishermen out and about.

In a few years, her hosing will pay off.

Lucky for us, we had an addiction to giant snakehead and the competition wasn’t there. The result was nothing short of amazing borderlining on the ridiculous. The usual giant snakehead pond in the back of the fishing park is where they stock the older and larger giant snakeheads. They are also usually wiser and more cautious when it comes to lures but for some reason on this cool december morning they just were in a hunting frenzy. The snakeheads would surface in tight shoals as they traversed around the pond looking for prey. My Tee Lampang wooden frog lure was smashed after just eight fights with the chados. The hook was bent and loosened from the frog.

Later in the afternoon the owner of Pilot dropped by with a large tank of live juvenile tilapia. After dumping the tank of these helpless baitfish the water literally started to boil with aggressive snakeheads rushing in for their meal. At this point it was all tilapia lures and swimbaits. Two lures were lost, one had its hard-resin tail chomped off and another had more scratches than a DJ competition. Overall the damage done in lure loss and destruction alone was at about B2,500 but my sore hand is a wonderful reminder of how awesome it is when no one else shows up to the fishing pond but your friends.

MarcusB of caught this chado with his buzzbait

This 4kg chado took the swimbait from right under my feet at the shore

This barramundi took a Rapala popper from the small barramundi pond which is the only barra pond that wasn't drained.

Four sets of lure crushing jaws

Poor thing now sitting in retirement

Two permanently out of commission and one needing a hook replacement

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11 Responses to The Day No One Else Fished

  1. Doc says:

    Great report, Makes me horny for Pilot 111. Too cold in Florida to fish.

  2. Alex West says:

    Great day it was! Luckly for me, I did not lose a single lure, and on top of that, I even gained a reel! HAHA…fixing it should be a challenge.

  3. andy says:

    I was there on the 18th seems you did a lot better than me but i,m quite new to lure fishing here, I was there trying out my new rod and reel ( revo mgx paired with an abu vendetta MH )

    All was going well once i found a lure that interested them till the 3rd snakehead bit through my 40lb leader and stole the only swim bait i had which seemed to be working,
    I tried all the surface baits i had and not even a sniff, hard frogs,rubber frogs, poppers, then thought to try the 2 real cheapo soft bait (shads?) i had bought for something like 50bht,
    They were going for it but i could,nt seem to get the single hook to set then one just bit the tail off the bait,
    Shit! it was now 4pm and i was running out of time lures and ideas so i took the second and last soft bait i had and put a treble hook onto the single hook using one of the hooks of the treble to stick in the back of the bait to try and secure it (if that makes sence ?)
    After three attemts more by luck than skill i managed to skip cast the bait under the small pier to the right of me and whack i was into another fight atlast,
    Being a complete novice in the art of lure fishing its a painfully slow learning process finding out what works….never managed to get a bite from a surface lure but i have the bug and wont give up.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      That’s the beauty of lure fishing isn’t it Andy? Trial and error leading to the eventual success. The trick is to keep trying.

      Next time you want to go to Pilot let us know. If you have any photos feel free to send them to because now I really want to see you catches!

      Keep it up!

      • andy says:

        Had some nice camera gear with me but but my head was so fixed on getting the feel for the new rod and reel that i did,nt even get it out the car + all my muscles were hurting from a full day at bsr with a friend and his father on the 17th,
        Guess at the moment i,m free for pilot anytime till 1st january when i have to go to HK for a few days, Was thinking while i,m in hong kong i might look for another rod and reel..or will the gear i have be good as an alrounder? maybe an abu stx and a 2-3 piece travel rod?
        Guess i should be looking for a kilo bag of lures but honestly i dont know shit about the gear i need,

        The one or two fishing mates i have here are only interested in bait fishing and look at me a bit strange when i try convince them of the sanuk value of lure fishing and light tackle.

  4. Hi
    Really liked your site..Its very informative site…

  5. David Hendry says:

    Hi, thanks for all the info on your site. Am planning on fishing pilot 111 soon. Do you think it’s worth booking a guide or can I just turn up and have a decent chance of catching fish? Am thinking of chasing the barramundi, pacu and featherback as well.

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      they have rental gear there but i don’t think they have all the lures. best to go to a tackle shop and stock up on barra lures and maybe a shock leader line before heading there.

  6. David Hendry says:

    I have all my own gear, leader, lures, flies etc. Just want to know if it’s easy enough to find for a taxi driver as don’t really want to have to pay for a guided trip..Unless…do you do guiding…?

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      I can do guiding but to be honest you can just get a cab to Pilot for somewhere between B300-400 and get the people there to call you one back too. It’ll be a whole lot more economical 🙂

  7. David Hendry says:

    Ok, sounds easy enough. Thanks for all your help. I’ll Send some pics!

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