They are finally here! The Mekong giant catfish and striped catfish have escaped from the farms and reservoirs. Some of them have somehow made their way into Saen Saeb canal that cuts through Bangkok.

Growing up and studying at the New International School of Thailand (NIST) located right next to the canal, I’ve seen and heard about some seriously nasty shit coming out of those black waters. One of the teachers at my old school once fell in for a few seconds and had to be hospitalized due to the bacteria in the water. I’ve actually seen dead dogs float in the black waters a couple of times and it’s a pretty nasty sight!

Then things started changing, water controls improved enough for some forms of catfish to survive but that canal still stinks. People were fishing a bit but they usually ended up with really dirty looking walking catfishes.

Now, thanks to this flood, some of the big catfish are now swimming around. Opportunists have gathered with their spearguns and fishing rods to catch a fish big enough to feed them for several meals at a time.

The majority of these fishermen are fishing the “cheating way”; they are deliberately putting on about six bare hooks on their line to intentionally foul hook the fish in. As a fisherman I do not approve of such method but oh well, I fish for sport.

Check out these pictures that my family friend, Uncle Steve Santikarn, has taken from the Saen Saeb Canal at the end of Sukhumvit soi 11. There have been reports of the Mekong giant catfish getting caught too but I have yet to see any pictures. These pictures feature only striped catfish but sooner or later someone’s going to pull out a giant and get it photographed!

Catfish in the bangkok canal

Kids looking at the catfish in the bangkok canal

flood fish in net Bangkok

A heft days' catch from the stinky canal

Striped catfish flood 2 from canal in Bangkok

Little boy now has some dinner!

Striped catfish flood 2 from canal in Bangkok

Fuck yeah! Dinner for everyone!

Catfish Thailand Flood Bangkok

Your net handle needs to be this long to bring the fish up.

Striped catfish Bangkok flood

A security guard holds up a striped catfish from the canal

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9 Responses to Giant Catfish In Bangkok Canals [Pics]

  1. Kevin says:

    Hope the fishes are safe for consumption.

    Good fun nonetheless :)

    I’ve read in the papers saying crocs were caught on occasion. Were they monster crocs or just juvenile? Nobody tried fishing for them did they? Hahaha

  2. kevin says:

    How’s the flood situation in downtown BKK Oz?

    We’re kinda worried about the food and bottled water supply during our trip in early Dec. Is it still an issue?

  3. Kevin says:

    Oh no….I was on the pretext that the floods was starting to recede.

    Looks like it’s gonna take a miracle for this trip to happen now!

    So…bottled water is scarce or still unavailable? By the way, is BSR affected? :P

  4. Tommy Weber says:

    Whats the best bait for these catfish? I need to catch one of these while I am waiting for my home to dry out in Bang Yai. I too have seen the grappling and snagging going on while people were catching these fish. They are numerous in the canal with 10 at a time coming up for surface air. Please give me a tip on what bait to use!

    • Bangkokhooker says:

      These fish are all farm raised so bread and rice husks are good. A pretty common mix is white bread sprayed with some red Thai cordial.

      Good luck my friend!

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